Little Helper Tower

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About This Project

Built this helper tower for my munchkin so she has a safer place to stand when she wants to help us in the kitchen.  Put a mosaic on the front and painted it to match the mosaic and the red color on some of the walls in our kitchen (hard to see in the photo).  I am thinking of velcroing some ribbon to the sides to cover the screws and hinges.  If I use velcro, then I can take it off easily to tighten the screws in the hinges if needed.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 


I like the addition of the hinges.

are they used to allow the little one to climb into the tower. or are they used for another purpose.

Having two little girls of my own I know how useful something like this is. We do a lot of baking and being aged 4 & 6 means kitchen chairs get used to help little hands and eyes reach the counter. The problem of course is the fact that the chairs get covered in muck (pariculary flour!) which is a problem. If only this was for sale I could see you making lots of them. Have you thought about contacting given I know these guys can make anything and are very good at mosaics. Just make sure that if you do decide to market this that you shout about it since I will buy one (or 2!).