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We needed furniture for our back patio and as I was searching for plans online, I stumbled across Ana-white.com. I was so excited to show my husband who built this in a day. I had thought that I would sew the cushions myself but after a few failed attempts at sewing box cushions with piping, I decided to buy the cushions. Buying them is actually a LOT cheaper as foam is very expensive in this size. I bought our cushions and back pillows from Walmart and the accent pillows from Target.

Cost: $355-cushions

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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
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Hi, that looks awesome. What kind of wood did you use? I can't imagine getting that much wood for the entire project for $45 at my local home stores.


I realized that I put the cost info for another project I am working on. The wood cost $115. That would have been a good deal. :)

You did a beautiful job with this outdoor sectional.

Two questions:

1) How sturdy is this sectional? I approached my dad (yep, still my first call on all repair/build-related projects!) about teaming up on this project and he expressed doubt that the 1x4s are strong enough. He suggested 2x4s, but would require us to rework the measurements and design.

2) What color stain did you use?



1) Philip we had the same concerns when building this sectional especially since it seemed that most of the weight would be supported by screws. We used wood glue in addition to the screws and the sectional is actually quite sturdy.

2) We went with paint instead of stain to help make it more weather resistant. We purchased the Glidden Exterior Premium Paint in Semi-Gloss BASE 3 GL 6813. It was a custom color match done at Lowe's so there isn't a "name" for it but it was color matched to a "Chocolate CoCo" by BEHR. We bought way too much paint. You can get this job done in just one gallon of primer and paint.

Additional tips:
*We left the seats of the sectional unattached so we could move them in different configurations later on if we wanted to or have them as individual chairs. They are sturdy and stay put so I don't see a need to permanently attach them.

*The seats of this sectional are low so invest in at least 4 inch think seat cushions and sturdy back cushions to keep them from sliding around.

Almost any furniture you buy in a store that doesn't show its wood is made from 1x4, or 3/4" plywood. The biggest thing is to make sure you have the joints secured well.