Pallet Picnic Table

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My daughter was given this umbrella at Christmas, but needed a table to go with it.  Ana's plans for the preschool sized picnic table worked perfectly.  I built it using one standard sized shipping pallet and even got to try out my new router!  Thanks Ana!


The table is a lovely color and goes so well with the umbrella.  Makes me think of a summer watermelon. :0)  You did a fabulous job on the finish and routing details.  It looks super!

I have to give credit to my wife for the paint job.  And I guess its kind of ironic, my daughter doesn't like watermelon, but she loves this umbrella!

I have been thinking of doing this with a pallet as well... among other things! People are always giving away pallets on craigslist.. and I always think of what I could do with all that free wood! I have a few things in mind, including this table! BRAVO! as a plus, you saved that pallet from a landfill! double bravo!