Turning the Loft Bed into a Bunk Bed

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We adapted the loft bed plans so we could put our sons' current twin bed underneath it to make "bunk" beds for our boys.  It turned out perfectly!  The loft is very sturdy, even with 2 adults and a child on the top bed.

We made it taller and longer, and added an additional row of 1x8s to increase stability.

Select Pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Minwax Polyshades


I was thinking of doing the same thing! We bought a daybed for my daughter from Ikea last year (before i found Ana-White) but now I want my girls to share a room, and wanted to take advantage of verical space. How much longer and taller did you make it?

We made it "just" long and tall enough to fit over the existing bed. That turned out to adding 8" to all the horizontal boards and 3" for the vertical boards. It ended up being a tight fit, but the overall affect is great!

HI. we're thinking of making our child a loft bed and putting soon to arrive baby's crib under it. Then in 2 years add a bed to the bottom. Couldn't you have just made a base for a mattress for the bottom? Or was your purpose to fit the already owned whole bed under there?

Hi I'm very intrested in making this for our guest room. Maybe with a fold out futon bed underneath and wardrobe storage. But how much do you think this would cost??

Sorry, I just saw these posts, so I'm a little behind from January. We adapted this loft for the specific purpose to fit the bed we already owned underneath it.

If I remember correctly this cost us $300-400. We were very picky with the lumber since we were staining it to match the existing furniture in the room, so we paid extra for the best quality. If we were going to paint it, we would have gone with more cost conscious materials. It probably could have been cheaper to buy a bunk bed, but since we were wanting to main a unique heirloom piece of furniture and accommodate our current furniture, we decided to build this.

Thanks for your feedback!