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Easy to make tv stand from pine wood. This is what it looks like before painted. Plenty of space for dvd's.

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Day Project (6-9 Hours)
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Cheers Mr. Hosey, the doors on your unit look great!  Hope you don't mind, but I am going to blatantly steal the idea and use on a project i have in the works. :) 

So far with this site I have made the kitchen island, lockers, dog bowl and some shelves.  Not quite as nice as what you have above, but it's a learning thing with each piece.

Keep up the nice work!


MSgt Joseph B.

United States Air Force 

Awesome job!  I want one but no way can I just make it up as you!  Please post plans!

I am new to the wood working world. This TV Stand is exactly what I would want to make. Would you possible email or post the plans? If that's something that's taboo or usually not done, maybe lead me in the direction of where I can find plans like these.

Great Job!!

Ana I'm really glad you like it. Maybe you could help with some plans for this tv stand. I'm horrible with plans. I know some people really want them. Thanks for commenting.

I love this tv stand. Now if I could just find it in as a corner unit it would be perfect for me. Well done!

Now that we are retired my wife is turning our home Into a county/reclaimed furniture setting. Is there any way you can email the plans for this great looking Tv Stand. Really would help. Simper Fi..

Great job!! I'am going to make this my next project. Wondering if you could email me the plans

Please send me the plans how to build the tv stand.

Sorry guys I just kind of winged this one. Make the face frame first and the rest will come naturally.

Please i want to make it. Can you send me the plans please.

Sorry for my english i read you from spain. Your webpage is very good

Are the doors to this each made with 4 1x4's?

No No you had it right. I used 1x4's.

Thanks man, I actually already built it, but I used tongue and groove planks and glued them to 1/2" plywood for the doors. That was the easiest thing I could think of. I wish there was a way to post pics of it on here.