Barn-style sliding doors

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Thanks to Ana, I've gotten really good at using my Kreg Jig. Without it, I don't think I would have attempted these doors! Thank you, Ana!

For more on how I built them:


Hello! GORGEOUS doors! Adds so much character! This has been a project I've been meaning to tackle as well, but I'm not sure what kind of hardware to use for the sliding doors. Is there some sort of sliding door kit that you bought? Any advice from someone who has done it? Thanks so much!


Yep, there is a kit and it is SUPER cheap. I think it was $11 at Lowe's for a 6ft kit. It comes with the rail, sliders, and the spacer for the bottom. They have it in 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft, I think. I found some 8ft ones online, too. And if it doesn't fit perfectly you can cut it to size with a hacksaw.

Love your doors!! Is the door kit simply a sliding closet door kit? And if it is, is it heavy duty enough to hold wood doors like yours? They must have some heft to them.. Typical closet doors are hollow core doors, and are pretty light. Thanks!!

Yep, just a regular sliding closet door kit. Our home has all solid doors, and these barn doors are not nearly as heavy as the sliders on our closet upstairs which has the same kind of cheap-o kit. The reclaimed wood is only about 7/8" thick and it is old and dried out which helps, I'm sure. In fact, the doors were light enough for me to carry from the garage down to the basement without help.