Building for Resale Policy

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A few years back my daughter was a toddler, we drove 100 miles to the nearest furniture store. After looking around, dismayed over the quality of furniture, I went to the receptionist desk and asked to speak to the manager. I'm sure I had sawdust in my hair, paint on my clothes.

The receptionist was eating a sandwich. Grace was on my hip. She asked why I wanted to speak to the manager.

I told her that I build furniture, and I was interested in reselling my furniture through their chain of stores.

The receptionist started laughing, and she laughed so hard, she choked on her sandwich. Someone had to give her the Heimlich Remover.

When finally the manager did come out, I was not offered a seat or asked to come into his office. Instead, I was told that there was no way I could compete with imported furniture, that furniture for resale is marked up 2 to 3 times in their store.

On the drive home, I felt crushed, like there is no way for someone to compete without an automated factory and cheap labor that can turn particle board into perfect looking desks in minutes.

I write this not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to think creatively. In the end, that's exactly what I did. I decided to blog my plans for free, perhaps someday getting to the point where I could freelance write for magazines and other opportunities.

So many of you have asked for permission to resell furniture from the plans that I publish. While the plans that I publish are intended for personal use, I get that many of you are just like me a few years back. I wish you luck, but I also ask that you follow a few basic rules:

1) You agree to the terms of service and will not hold Ana White,, Ana White Omnimedia, or any related party liable for any loss, damages or injury resulting from information provided by Ana White or affiliates.

2) You give credit to Ana by adding a button to your website. If you have not used a plan from, but have used techniques that you learned from Ana White, we ask that you also add a button to your website.

3) You charge a fair and reasonable price, and you sell your furniture "as is" with no warranties or recalls. It is recommended that you also provide a receipt including a full disclaimer protecting yourself from liability.

4) You may NOT sell plans or other information from

5) You may NOT use someone else's photos without their permission.

We hope to expand on this venture in the near future, and this policy may change over time, so when in doubt, check back. Good luck! Ana

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