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I'm having trouble resetting my password.  Can you help?
I'm sorry for any troubles with the site - I'm a one woman show, and this site is a DIY effort, so please bear with me.  First and foremost, please check your spam folder for the password reset email.  If you still have trouble, send me an email with your username and email address, titled PASSWORD RESET and I will reply with a temp password.
My comments/posts aren't showing up.  Please help!
Because we have given freedom to anyone, and by anyone, I mean people trying to sell prescription drugs and give your computer viruses, we have to implement a spam system.  It is possible that your comments/posts are being recognized as spam.  I am very sorry, and do my best to look through spammed comments for those that are legit - but sometimes it takes me a day or two.
I tried changing my account, and keep getting "Illegal Choice" - what am I doing wrong?
It's me, not you, but here's the work around I found.  At the very bottom of your account in the Locale Group, a box will be highlighted in red outline.  Choose UTC from this menu.  
Do you take project suggestions?
When I'm looking for a project, I go to our Community Suggestion Board for inspiration.  I also look to Pinterest and our Facebook Page.  But due to the high volume of suggestions, I can't make any promises.
I sent you an email, but didn't get a reply.
I am SO sorry.  I appreciate you taking your time to write.  Sometimes I just go through incredibly busy times and emails get backed up.  With all sincerity, I do apologize. Keep bugging me :)

How did you get your website?
For those of you who have been here from the start, you know that this site has not looked this way from the beginning.  It's been a work in progress, DIY effort, a learning experience.  But I'm enormously proud of where we are at now!
I use Drupal, a free CMS (Content Management System).  There is a ton of information and resources on Drupal here.  
Emily at the Blog Fairy does graphics work for me.  I find it more reasonable to use a graphics designer because they have access to graphics and brush tips and other tools that would cost you a ton to gather up on your own. 
What happens to all that furniture you build?
I donate any unused furniture to local charities.
What happened to the book deal/tv show and all that other fun stuff?
Things are moving along well, I'm just sort of weird about disclosing anything until it's written in ink  :) 
Can I advertise on your site?
To keep everything free on our site, I do work with advertisers.  At the moment, we only work with large advertisers, as with the new site, I lost the means for smaller advertisers to self serve ads.  We hope to have this up in the near future for small businesses.
For large businesses, please check out our media kit.  Thank you for your interest in keeping plans free on Ana-White.com.
What Brands do you represent?
We will always strive to keep the content on Ana-White.com free and useful to our readers.  We do work with certain brands that we personally love including Columbia Forest Products and the Kreg Tool Company.  
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What kind of nailer do you recommend? btw you are an absolute imspiration! Thanks so much for this fabulous site!