Kids Workbench with Top Shelf

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We built this workbench for our two-year old's birthday coming up this weekend. Really excited to see his expression when we show it to him! Built the whole thing out of scraps on hand- used 1x4's instead of 1x3s(that's what we had), and MDF for the bottom and backing. Used some scrap plywood and 2x2(support) for the top shelf. Added some hooks to the underside of the shelf & along the back to hang all the toy tools!

Scrap Pine, plywood, and MDF
Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Spray painted everything but the base and backboard with generic red spray paint. Sanded the edges and across all areas to give it a well-loved look (it's a workbench, right?!). Still debating if we will stain over it. Will finish later with a clear poly coat.


Thanks for posting this Jamie! We've been looking at some of the workbenches for our son and they are either too expensive or too cheaply made. This is perfect, thanks for the idea!

I have a plastic work bench, but I am wanting to get away from all of the plastic toys and move towards the wood ones that will last longer, so I am thinking this will be another project that I will start soon. I love how you used the hooks to hook all of the tools onto!