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I had been dying to make this bed for awhile but first I needed to convince my husband that it really would be okay to let his sentimental old headboard go. He doesn't like change. Obviously I eventually won. This bed is absolutely bomb proof! I built it as a platform bed and plunked a brand new memory foam mattress on it. We love it!

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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Primed. Painted in Behr Cotton Fluff - Satin finish. Sanded and stained with Minwax Dark Walnut stain. The stain was pretty dark but I wanted to use up what I had. I just kept plenty of paper towels and paint thinner nearby to thin it down to the shade I wanted.
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This turned out beautiful! Your bedroom is lovely, and I love the wall color!

This looks fantastic! I love it! This looks better than anything I have seen in the stores and a fraction of the cost! Your room is beautiful too, so peaceful and serene- looks tres' chic!

Now that you've slept on it for a bit...does it creak when you move? I know, I know, odd question (and a little invasive, perhaps :P ) but I'm SO tired of my bed creaking when we get in or out so I would totally build this tomorrow if it's quiet LOL

No, there's no boxspring on our bed. We wanted to try out the memory foam mattress/platform bed combo. I laid pegboard across the 2x4's to create a "floor" so the mattress wouldn't sag in between the studs. (I chose pegboard instead of plywood so the mattress could breath a little better. The pegboard is plenty rigid with all the studs supporting it). I'm rambling...

sorry can someone tell me where the directions of the assembly of the foot and head board are?

also what connects the head and foot together?

i mus be missing something.

The plans are linked at the very top of the article. The links on this site are bold and brown, which looks nice but can be trouble to figure out sometimes.

The means of connecting the head and foot boards is shown in the first photo on this article. I don't remember if it's described in the plans, but it's pretty simple to do on your own. It looks like 1x6s bolted to the head and foot, using two bolts at each end of each board.

2x4s are then stretch across. They can be nailed in, or you could use a joist hanger. You'll have to use a pretty substantial nail, 8d 3" nail or so, a couple of nails in each end of each 2x4. Either way, it's going to be important to buy a good hammer if you don't have one. Fortunately they aren't very expensive and they're quite useful.

Did you need to put any center support in under the 2x4's in order to support the king mattress? That is my main concern with the king frame. I was planning to just build the rails around my metal frame, but then I realized the metal feet are going to be quite unsightly. It would be nice to make it a platform like you did, but it scrambles my brain when I start thinking about how to build a center support. If the crosswise 2x4's are enough, that would be so much easier!

No, I didn't do a center support. I've got 9 2x4's across and it's been rock solid so far. If your concerned about support you could throw in a few more 2x4's and space them closer together.

Sorry, I didn't initially reply directly to your post so just in case you didn't get my reply...My side rails are actually 2x12's. Our mattress is only 8" thick, no boxsrping, so I needed a larger side rail to get my mattress up to a good height but still extend low enough to hide some of the storage under the bed.

Where did you get untreated 4x4 posts and do you know what kind of wood they are? Locally HD and L***s only have treated 4x4 posts. A local lumberyard has yellow pine and douglas fir 4x4 - but i'm not sure which is better to use. Any suggestions?

Either the yellow pine or the douglas fir will be fine. I have a particular affinity for douglas fir, but grab whichever one looks the best to you.

I got my 4x4's at HD and if I remember correctly they're doug fir. I don't know much about yellow pine but I do believe it's a harder wood than doug fir. Really my only suggestion is to get posts that have a good straight grain and are dry. Stay away from the green stuff if you can especially with the doug fir as it's prone to splitting as it dries out.

Doug Fir is slightly harder than yellow pine. This is not to trivialize yellow pine. Stuff plays heck with my tools. Folds chisel tips and pushes plane blades out. Other writers have also commented on it's ability to wreck tools. But good sturdy stuff to work with.

My side rails are actually 2x12's. Our mattress is only 8" thick, no boxsrping, so I needed a larger side rail to get my mattress up to a good height but still extend low enough to hide some of the storage under the bed.

Wow! This is beautiful - so inspiring! I was wondering about the painted then sanded areas to distress it and then rubbed in stain on top right? I just want to understand the process so I coulod maybe try this myself. Good Job! Love the the entire design from the colors to the decorative details like the old window frame on the wall. :)

Sorry for the delayed response but yes...painted, sanded then stained (a glaze would be beautiful too). I was pretty heavy handed with the sanding. It's an easy way to finish a project because the less perfect you are, the better it looks!

I just finished building our new king size farmhouse bed frame. It looks amazing. My wife absolutely loves it!
It was very easy to build and I plan on building more things to compliment the frame.
Thanks for providing the idea and the plans.

I LOVE this bed. It is gorgeous. What is the color on your walls? Is it a Behr color also? And did you build the nightstand in this picture too? We are expecting a surprise 4th baby and I want to redo our room for more space before the due date! Thanks! Sara

Thank you, Sara! We love our bed too, thanks to Ana's fabulousness. The wall color is Curry, it's from the Eddie Bauer collection from Lowes. It was scary painting it on because when it was wet it looked battleship grey. I did the nightstand too, it's Ana's farmhouse bedside table plan. Congrats on the upcoming little one!

I see where you used this as a platform bed. We recently bought a Sleep number bed there it has a "box" like system under the mattress. Do you think this would still work?

Was wondering if you made it so you could easily disassemble your bed if you needed to? I am in the military and would need to take it apart every 4-5 years. Any suggestions?

It's easy to take apart but I won't lie, it's kind of a beast to move! The siderails are just screwed into the head and foot boards. My only concern if you are taking it apart often would be wearing out the screw holes so they eventually don't fit as tight. You might look into some type of bolt system.

How did you fasten your joist hanger to your 2x12? I've been trying to decide on whether I should use nails as suggested, but it seems that since this is a bed (and not a ceiling or floor in a constructed home), screws would be okay? I live in an apt. complex, and I don't want to disturb my neighbors with hammering nails while installing the joists hangers...I'd much prefer to use the driver bit on my drill and screw them in.

Yes, I screwed them in. Hammering is not my favorite thing to do! Also, initially I just had the 2x4's sitting in the hangers freely because I wanted it to be easy to take apart but I went back later on and screwed the joist hangers to the 2x4's as well because a few of the boards were creaking. Now everything is buttoned down tight but I can still take it apart easily with a drill.

Hello, my husband and I were getting ready to attach the side rails to the head and footboards when we ran into a small problem. We understand from your pictures how you attached your side rail to the inside of the headboard, but we were wondering how you attached it to the footboard since there isn't any excess room on the 4x4? We have very little room to attach to the 4x4 from the side and we aren't quite sure how to attach the side rail anywhere else? I'm sorry if my question is confusing...

Sorry, you've probably long since figured something out...but just in case anyone else is wondering. There isn't much room but there's enough. I butted the siderail up against the footboard, sitting it just above the 1x4 cross piece at the bottom of the footboard. You'll have about an inch and a half or a little less to work with but it's enough to get some screws in there. (I debated notching out the siderail to fit over the 1x4 to lower it a bit but I like the amount of room it gives me to slide stuff in and out from under the bed). Picture below...

I am planning on building the Queen size version of this bed, but came across your version while looking for ideas. I have noted the stain and paint colors. This will be my first project though so I am unfamiliar with the coats of paint. Is it prime, paint, sand and stain. Did you use any poly as a final finish? And when sanding did you just distress or sand the entire piece? You did a great job with the panelling on the head/footboards. Did you notch by hand and distress? I like your idea about the 2x4's under the matress to make more space for storage. Awesome job and I hope mine looks this good!