Modified Simple Outdoor Dining Table

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Wanted a Patio table and when I saw the plans on this site I really liked it; I just changed the plan a bit. Everything was screwed from the underside of the table, also I attached the legs with 2" lag screws.

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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)


Could you give more specific on how you did the supports for the redesigned top and the measurements of your boards? I want to make this table this weekend and love your version!

Snowing! Oh dear! Thank you so much. I'm so eager to try your version!

Perfect! Thank you!
One last question: did you use 1x3s for the supports and invert a 1x4 on top to attach the board from the bottom? Or did you attach some 1x2s to the supports?

I just built this table,I had a small variation,I put a miter at each corner of the top outer board,turned out great...thanks!!

As much as I look at the Ana's original plan and this modification, I can't see what the slats are screwed in to. Are there additional 1x4 boards that the top is resting on. I can see the frame but can't figure out the what the slats are attached to. Any suggestions or help would he appreciated. I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face but I just can figure it out. A novice builder without plans.


I really want to build this table (The modified version) but I am not understanding the measurements and everything. Is there anyone that could post a more detailed instrustion list for this table with measurements??????
Thanks!! =)