Not so "Rhyan" Nightstands

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I used the Rhyan end table plan (with a few alterations) to make my nightstands. I changed the dimensions so mine turned out to be 20”D, 25”W, 27”H, I extended the side and back panels all the way to the top to close in the shelf and I made the bottom drawer larger. I decided to use under mount drawer slides but I think I will try out the side mount slides in the future though.

I wanted them to match the headboard and bench that I made for my bed so I added the same molding that I used on those pieces to finish it off.

I pre cut every piece for the main body of the nightstand and predrilled all of the Kreg holes which made it a really quick piece to put together! I purchased the Mini Kreg jig for this project and am so glad I did. Totally worth the money!

Furring Strips, MDF and 1/4 inch Plywood
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I painted with Rust-oleum painters touch semi gloss white and then sprayed a few coats of polyacrylic on the top.
Estimated Cost: 
About $80 For 2 Nightstands


This is absolutely lovely! What a beautiful job. I just love white furniture. Your room looks airy and beautiful, and classy!

And what nice straight furring strips you have. LOL. How many did you have to use to get all of those nice straight pieces? ;-) Great job!

LOL! I don't remember exactly how many I used since I had some scrap pieces left over from other projects I used but all of my strips are completely straight. I spent a LOT of time rummaging through the piles of furring strips at Blue laying them on the floor on all 4 sides of each strip until I had only straight ones.

Wow, you've done a great job on all your furniture. You're bedroom is just beautiful! Awesome job!!

What a beautiful job you have done! Your room looks fabulous. I am inspired by your work. I like the changes you have made to the plans. I really like the bench at the foot of the bed.

What an amazing handbuilt bedroom! It looks absolutely fantastic, I'm so impressed. It looks very professional and chic, right out of a magazine!

Thanks! Here are links to the mouldings I used
Baseboard for the bottom|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Base%2BMoulding_4294801994_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1%26page%3D2&facetInfo=Base%20Moulding

Casing for the top|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Casing_4294801993_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1%26page%3D2&facetInfo=Casing

Panel Moulding for around the drawer faces|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Decorative%2BAccents_4294858141_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1%26page%3D4&facetInfo=

OMG!! I love what you did with the nightstand! if you don't mind me asking whats the deminisions of your drawers??you did an awsome job! I love it!! very creative!!


Thank you! :) The drawer dimensions are approx 21"W x 17"D the top drawer is 4.5" tall and the bottom drawer is 7.5"

It looks like high-end furniture, and you made it yourself! I am impressed and inspired!

Hi, I love your furniture, I have a question about the looks go great, did you have to sand pre, and also, did you use a primer prior to spraying it? I'm working on the storage daybed now and would like a finish like yours.
Great work, thx for all the pics, I'm going to start the nightstands after the bed.

Thanks! I sanded the the parts that are solid wood but I did not sand the MDF which was a majority of the project since it is already smooth (though I did sand the edges of the MDF where I had made cuts). I primed the nightstands with Kilz 2 Latex primer and then painted with Rust-oleum painters touch semi gloss in white
Good luck with your bed and nightstands :)

I love your nightstands and especially the size. Could you give me your cut list if not too much of a problem? Also, did you make the piece at the end of your bed? If so, where did you get the plans. Your room is gorgeous!

I don't think I have the changes I made to the cut list anywhere, sorry. I just used Ana's plans and added additional inches to those to get what I wanted for my room.

I unfortunately do not have plans for the foot board/bench. I kinda just cut wood and put it together without much thought which I now regret. I decided after the fact that I wanted to add baskets to it. Well... The 3 cubbyholes aren't even the same size :-( if you look at the picture you'll notice that the middle basket is really crammed in there tight! (oops! oh well)

Do you have the plans for the headboard you made? How did you get the panel edges to be angled back? Thanks!

The headboard was the first thing I ever built so I wanted to start out simple. The angles in the panel edges are there because the panels are actually 3 recycled cabinet doors I found at a re-store. I basically just built a frame around the doors and added 4x4 posts to the ends.
I got the plans from remodelaholic Click here for the plans
I just adjusted it for a queen and extended the 4x4's so it would stand on the ground.

Sorry, I just saw all the links to the trim you used!! I was wondering if you had to adjust much to the top or bottom of the nightstand for your 4" trim to clear the drawers.