Nursery Room Book Shelves from $10 Ledge Plan

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I built these bookshelves with the help of my husband for our daughter's nursery. They were so simple to build, the finishing work is what took the most amount of time. They're very sturdy, and we get tons and tons of compliments on the 'feel' that they add to the nursery!

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Starter Project
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Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
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I put on a coat of white primer, and then painted quite a few coats of ultra-white paint on each shelf. I sanded between each coat of paint, and finished it off with a top coat of polycrylic. I also filled in the screw holes with white caulk and painted over that once they were all mounted.
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I absolutely love your nursery. I am inspired to do it to our play room. I love the bed. did you build it or buy it.

WOW- great job!

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much spiceylg for replying! Things are quite chaotic these days with my new baby girl here. :-) Here's a link to the entire nursery with links to all of the posts and plans of things I've built for it (the bookshelves, the bed, the dresser, the closet system, the monogram, and the picture frames) : I link back to all of Ana's plans in there.

Thanks for the compliments!

What length did you guys decide to go with on the shelves? We can't seem to agree/decide on how long we want ours! Thanks!

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Found this on Pinterest and made 2 in my living room to hold a ton of picture frames and 2 in my sons room to hold his books. They are great! Ty, Ty, Ty!

I just went out and got a bunch of 1x4s to litter my son's room with these ledges in every spot I can find.. he's a bit of a reader.
How far apart are yours? They look very well spaced! I will copy you. :)


Hi, are there specific directions including materials, cuts etc for this project? I love it and would like to build it this weekend! This is my first time on your site. I was directed through Pinterest. Your blog and projects are awesome. Thanks you, Ashley


I love this project and it looks great in your nursery! I am hoping to make these soon. Just wondering if you can give me some details about how you attached them to the wall.

Thanks so much!!!!


Hi Janelle,

I have a post with all of the details here : (and am actually doing a follow up post for it on Friday). I screwed them directly into the studs in two places for each shelf. Make sure you have a level too, or it won't look right when you're finished!

Let me know if you have any more questions!