Reclaimed Wood Headboard

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The hubbs helped me build this during a day off from work. We spent an hour after work the following few nights working on the finish. Tons of compliments on this headboard...a few coworkers have even built their own after seeing ours!

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Dark Oak Polystain - distressed using hammers, nails, screwdrivers, chains, and even a blow torch
Estimated Cost: 


Can not wait to build one for our king bed. Would love to see what the blow torch did! :) Great choice of paint color for your walls.

Fantastic headboard!
I just finished scarring and distressing mine with the claw end of a hammer, a chisel, and the star point of a Phillips screwdriver. Now it's time for the stain and varnish.

What I love best about your headboard is how smooth it looks, yet it's not glassy or shiny. What's your secret?

Thanks for the response,
Debi G


You can buy non-gloss polyurethane. It has to be stirred before use, but won't have any significant sheen. The other trick you can use is to apply a gloss polyurethane and dry-brush the excess off the surface. That produces less sheen.

Clay - Did the bed you show use a non-gloss ployurethane? Where do you buy a non gloss polyurethane? I would be interested in exactly how you got such a great finish. Thanks

I was wondering what kind of stain you used. I bought the Dark Walnut stain and it looks nothing like yours. Maybe Red Mahogany? Thank you.

Hello! I love this reclaimed headboard - but I've been hesitating because it does not look as sturdy for actually attaching to a bed frame as the farmhouse bed with it's big solid posts. Have you tried? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

If you bolt the headboard to the frame solidly, it will be plenty secure. My headboard is quite light weight and secured to a california frame with 1/4" bolts. It's survived ten years of marriage and my propensity for chasing the cats around the room and never offered a wobble.

Clay - thanks for responding - can I pick your brain? The thing I want to do is similar to the Valencia bed by Pottery Barn, but with this headboard.
I like the high platform style (for storage underneath, no footboard). Our bed is king sized, and I am wondering if the 1x3 can handle that kind of weight - not only of the rest of a home-built wood frame, but of a king sized Tempur-pedic mattress! :O I thought maybe if I built the frame with it's own upper legs, that could work, but might look funny...

Hi, I love the headboard and the color, could you please tell me what the brand of Dark Oak polystain you used and how many coats it took to achieve that shade.

Thank you

Can you tell us what Brand of Dark Oak Polystain you bought? Where did you buy it?



I too love this bed! I have been looking for months for a headboard plan so was super excited when I found this site. I would love additional details on how to achieve the finish.


Hey there !! First, kuddos !! This looks fantastic and you have inspired me to start a project I've been debating for quite some time :) echoing a few other comments here; would you mind sharing the brand name and color name of the non-gloss polyurethane used in this project ? Thanks so much and thanks for the inspiration !!

I don't know if you're still around but do you happen to know the paint color of the wall behind the bed? I love it!