Storage beds (twin) with Corner unit

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We made these beds for my daughters, who were ready to pass on the bunkbeds to their little sisters. We have 4 girls in one room, so use of space is crucial! I originally wanted the hutch as well, but as you can see in the picture, we had to work around a wall cut out, so we modified the corner unit to have a larger shelf area to fit the space. We also left the sides open to be able to slide containers in to store out of season clothes and blankets, though the ends have a backing.

Pine, and plywood.
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Gloss white paint.
Estimated Cost: 


LOVE these beds...but can't find a plan for them :( could you email me the plan??? I can find the corner hutch plan but not the plan for the twin beds themselves. THANKS!


Do you have plans for the twin storage beds with corner unit? I can't seem to find them, only the plans for the corner hutch, which won't do me much good until I have built the other parts...


For a twin I think you'll need to use 2 plans: full size Plan link (above) for the sides for the storage bed (full and twin sides are the same):

Also, you'll need the Modification of plan for twin size end (makes it a twin storage bed):

This is also in a link you can click at the top of the full plan, which will take you to the plan for the modification to twin.

The full size plan has the shopping list and shows cutting list for the sides. The twin modification plan shows you the measurements and cuts for the twin size end. hope this helps?

The cost listed- is that the cost for both beds and the corner unit or just the corner piece?

Exactly what I wanted, based on a collection from Pottery Barn Teen that was WAY too expensive. I was impatient to get it done for my daughter, so all I've built so far is the corner box. We put a white wooden bookshelf on top, angled out from the corner, and it displays my daughter's snow globes. Eventually I hope to get to the bed bases.

I have been wanting these beds forever. So gladd I found your site. I was wondering if you have the plans for the corner unit for the twin cubby storage beds? Please send them to me if you do.
Thank you, your site is just what I needed!