Struggling to turn them out....

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But few seem interested in them anyways. Oh well.

I'm currently trying to get the plans together for this user-requested PB Tate Entertaining Bar look alike. The user has failed to post back any feedback, though, so am beginning to wonder why bother. It's a neat piece, but we probably won't make one in my house.

I'm feeling a bit discouraged because I've gotten zero feedback on the planter box with trellis, too. That was also a user-requested piece.

Guess I'll keep on keeping on...maybe someday I can get around to building my own designs...

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It's too bad whoever requested the planter box plans never gave you any feedback because it is a beautiful box. I am doing a lot of landscaping this summer and I have just convinced myself that these need to be included in it. Good luck and I have to say that I think your plans are beautiful.