Wishing Well

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I have been dreaming up this little beauty for quite awhile now. I had huge stacks of scrap pallet wood that I needed to do something with. I am hate the part of my well that sticks up into my yard so what's better then a wishing well to cover it up?!

To make this I simply made a frame for the bottom. Each of the four sections was the same size, the only variation was that I shortened 4 of the 1x2 inner supports by 3/4 in so that I could later attach all of the pieces together (I used pocket holes).

Then I used 2 1x3's for the sides and whole mess or boards for the top. If/when I make another of these I'll have to draw out a plan before hand because I think I over constructed.

I then added trim to the four corners, added a 2x2 on the inside near the top and strung up an old pot.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any questions!