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Plans are finished for the Sewing Box with the exception of trying to figure out the hardware! I still have to create the plans/steps/directions, but this was more than half the battle!

Here's what I'm pulling my design from, in case you were wondering:


Ooooh! Pretty sketch!

Piano hinges would probably be the only thing that would support the fold-away shelves (with any weight on them anyway). They show it with strap hinges (which are more aesthetically pleasing), but I would think they could eventually wiggle loose (maybe depending on your material).

As for the table, it looks like the one on the site folds down with the leg folding up under. I see a barrel latch to keep it from "self storing" while in use.

I did notice none of the pics at that site show anyone seated at the machine. I wonder if you'd have to lean forward uncomfortably due to the bottom of the unit? Since the whole thing is desk height, I guess you could put the most often used machine on the fold out table.
Anyway, great job!

I noticed that, too (about no pics of someone sitting), but on theirs, the desk top also has a hinged section that opens up to provide a larger work surface. For simplicity, I'm leaving the hinged parts off but will make note of that in the plans in case the builder wants to add it.

I asked about hardware ID in the community forum:, particularly the part that the table on the right side slides in to.

In this design, none of it folds away, except that right side table. It should (emphasize should - I'm always a skeptic until I build and "see" it!) all close right up and store just fine, as long as nothing interferes on that top shelf on the left.

I would love to make this! Can't wait for the finished plans!