folding table suitable for clean, level surface?

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folding table suitable for clean, level surface?
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I'm just getting started and working through the getting started guide and notice that a clean, level surface is pretty much a must. I have limited space in the garage and don't have room for anything permanent. Would one of those 4-to-6 foot resin folding tables you see at Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart do the trick? I wasn't sure how well those might take clamps, etc.. or if they'd be sturdy enough to support a miter saw, etc..

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One of the easiest ways to

One of the easiest ways to get a clean level surface is to lay a chunk of plywood across two folding sawhorses.

The resin tables are good, but it's harder to get a clamp on them.

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Resign table

All of them that I've seen tend to have a bad bow in the middle after not too long. What worked great for me for over a year was an old door over sawhorses. You can't plane on it (although it's exciting to try), but you can do everything else. A door is a little better than plywood because it is stiffer. It has interior support ribs and keep it quite flat. Don't go and buy a new one. Look for one of the flat ugly slab doors at a Habitat store or something similar. Or check craigslist. Mine was from my basement, which had a door installed in such a way that it continually interfered with the door to the garage, so it had to go.