Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Table with Bench

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Premium Whitewood from Lowe's

After finishing my Farmhouse Dining Room Table, my brother asked me to build him a new kitchen table. We chose the Modern Farmhouse Design but changed the dimensions to fit his kitchen. I also used the same building plan to create a matching bench.

I've documented the construction of the table here:

And I've documented how I did the finish here:

Creating the table legs was the hardest step for me. I used a combination of pocket holes, biscuits, and wood glue. I also rounded off all the edges with my router. For the table I added corner blocking.

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Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Semi-gloss Valspar White on the base. Special Walnut on the table top. And then the base was lightly sanded/weathered and then I used the Special Walnut ontop of the paint. And then I finished off the table top with two light coats of Briwax (light brown).
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I should also mention that I made the table as two separate pieces. The tabletop was always kept separate from the base since I was going for this two tone finish. Upon delivery to my brothers house, I just centered the tabletop onto the base, clamped it down, and screwed it together.

Awesome job! I am so inspired we are taking on this project today and very excited to use your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

I am a homemaker with three wonderful crazy kids all under 6. I have a passion for all things crafty and can't wait to start building some of these wonderful projects.

Very nice finished product. Quick question-- how tall are your benches? Do they fit between the legs when not in use? I'm trying to find plans for the benches on Ana-white's website, but not finding exactly what you built (although I know you made some adjustments).

Thank you.

Thanks for the comment

The bench height sits at approximately 17" (a somewhat standard chair height) and I allowed for a 6" gap on both sides of the bench so that it can be tucked comfortably under the table. I then used those dimensions along with the Ana White plans to create the bench.

I've got a pretty detailed write-up here....if you'd like to check it out;



What a beautiful set! Great job! I'd like my husband to build us a table like that, but he is hesitaant to do so because he worries the top will not be sealed well enough to withstand spills and be foodsafe. What is your take?

You can always use poly or shellac on the tabletop if you'd prefer. A couple coats of that and you'll be good to go.