Pottery Barn inspired Bench

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I needed a bench for our laundry room so I went hunting for inspiration and came across Pottery Barn's Norfolk bench. This bench retails for $499 plus whatever other stuff they tack on--lightyears away from what I would pay for a simple bench.

Instead I splurged on 1x4x8 S4S lumber and four pine table legs from Blue and built my own version. The legs aren't as chunky, but mine is custom built for my space. And PB's bench only came in white, while mine is a custom stain that matches other pieces I have in that room.

I spent $83, including tax and I love it! If you want to spend the time finding straight furring strips or whiteboards, you could almost half the price of my version, but you will have rounded edges on the boards. Not horrible, but it will look a little different.

I blogged about the build at:


I agree about spending a little more on the legs--I wavered for awhile on spending even more than I did and ordering them online. But then I decided the look wouldn't be THAT much different to justify the additional cost.

Thanks again!


Kristen this peace is just beautiful. Last year I remember a lady asking alot of "early builder" questions. Now look at you. You should be very proud of your self, your determination and your creations. I show my daughters what Ana and ladies like you can do- so they can too. Thanks

That means a lot to me! Sometimes after I finish up a project I still can't believe that I'm the one who put it together :) It seems surreal.

I did have so many questions--sometimes I felt silly asking what I was sure everyone else already knew, but I'm so glad I did. Ana provided the opportunity to jump in, but it was the community here that made me feel like I wouldn't drown once I took the plunge into this woodworking venture. I'll be forever grateful!

Thank you so much for your comment--it is one that will stay with me. I knew I was providing an example for my own daughter, but never thought that I would make a difference in other young lives, however small a difference it would be.