Simple bench from pallets

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I had some left over wood from pallets and I really liked the look of the simple outdoor bench. One pallet was made out of some type of red colored wood and I decided the slats for the seat would look good in the red colored wood. The rest of the bench was from a lighter colored pallet. I used nails and glue to attach the seat slats so that my daughter could help. She loves to help, but does not like my drill even if she has hearing protection. See more at

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Minwax Early American wood stain (1 coat)
Estimated Cost: 


this is pretty neat. I'm curiouse did you sand down the pallet wood or plane it or something to smooth it down? It looks nice for free!

I did sand the pallet using a belt sander. I wanted to leave some of the rustic look so I used 80 grit and did not sand the seat planks thoroughly.

I stumbled across the post, for the Rustic Bench as a Wedding Guestbook. Instantly fell in love. However, I'm trying to do a wedding for under $3,000 (yes, it's do-able) and didn't want to spend more than I had to on material. So, I searched. Then, I found this post and realized that I had 2 pallets downstairs that would suit my needs perfectly.

After managing to break the head off my hammer, losing count of sweat beads, and a few curse words...I created my wedding guestbook.

As the wedding is mainly DIY/handmade - I want to save the oh's, ah's, and that's so creative's for THE day. I only took one photo of it as I knew if I did anymore, I would be tempted to blab about my creation. Here it is!

Might I also add how incredibly proud of myself I was for somehow managing to get this thing right the first time. I've never built anything with wood before and expecting more of a teeter totter than a bench. I tooted my own horn all day. :)