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About This Project


First Anna project, I needed a bench by the pool, so I did waterproof it, which is holding up well, and it's extremely nice even with my limited skills. Definately worth the time and sanding.
Things I learned, need to measure each cut out. I didn't, so my slats are not all the same length. Still works really good, but I should've measure, cut, measure, cut, because I didn't take into account the width of the blade. I wouldn't use so much wood filler. I really glopped it on there. The sanding and staining pre, good call.
I would've used 2 pieces of wood for each leg.
Well, next one. I've already learned so much from making it and had a great time making it. Can't wait to get started on the table to match!

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Behr Premium Weatherproofing/waterproofing Deck, Paint, Furniture Wood Finisher, Natural 500, 2 coats, 220 sand in between, use the minimal amt of wood filler, because it really shows through....This is nontoxic, and since I have 5 Golden Retrievers, 2 puppies that chew, I couldn't use treated wood
Estimated Cost: 
65.00 (big chunk of that was the waterproof deck sealant/stain)