Behind Closed Doors (Media Center)

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We used Ana's plans for simple bookcases and a larger but equally simple armoire to build a HUGE media center that could somehow manage to take some of the focus off of the television. We added doors everywhere that we could and lots of glass display shelving. The hubby is thrilled because his beloved flat-screen and infinite related electronic gadgets are within easy reach. And I smile every time I walk into our family room and don't have to see everything that is hiding behind closed doors!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Simple Prime, Painting, Crown Moulding, Pewter Knobs, Glass Shelving, Lights.
Estimated Cost: 



This is exactly what I want!

Can you provide the dimensions for the armoire and the shelves, please? Can you tell me also the paint color and how many coats?

Ana's "Nursery Armoire" is the best starting point, and here are our dimensions:

Armoire basic box structure:
2- 1x16"@ 8': (Sides)
2- 1x16"@ 42" (Top and bottom)
2- 1x16"@ 40.5" (Two shelves for television and electronics)
1- HUGE 1/4" plywood as the back and for support

*bun feet and crown moulding also add some height

We used a "Country White paint from--GASP- Wal-Mart! And it is the best off-white color I have ever used! We used one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

I hope this helps, but feel free to ask for any further clarifications! Best of luck :o)

I am in love with this! How tall are your ceilings? My only concern is that this might be too big for my teeny condo with 8 foot ceilings!

Thanks! Our ceilings are ten feet high--why not just shorten all height measurements by 2 feet? Good luck!

I am dying to get this built for our house! I see the cost estimate is listed at $150, is that for everything needed for all 3 units? I know it depends on what store is used and the location, just trying to get a better idea of what I need to save up. I was trying to find something similar on Craigslist that I could just refinish, but being able to make a piece that is exactly what I want for around the same price (or less) would be incredible!

I'd love to know where you got the glass shelves from if you don't mind sharing.

Hi Sarah,

I hope you'll give this plan a try! The $150 estimate definitely includes the wood and supplies for all three pieces and most likely includes the bun feet and knobs as well (I can't be absolutely certain since we built this nearly a year ago). The glass shelves were bought from a local glass cutter who also cut the glass panels for our kitchen cabinets. It really shouldn't be too expensive though!

Oh and the absolute best advice I could give you is to invest in or borrow a Kreg Jig. We did not have one ourselves until well after this project, but it would have been an immense help! I wish you all the best of luck--let us all know how YOUR masterpiece turns out :o)

I absolutely love this, my husband had been designing a unit very similar to this but this just made the job twice as easy not having to do all the hard thinking ourselves haha! Thanks so much for sharing, it looks fabulous!

Thanks so much! I wish you lots of luck with your project, which you'll barely need because it is really simple to make and provides for a stunning result :o)