Built-In Cabinet and Shelves

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I'm slowly working on my daughter's room. This phase is some built-ins on either side of the windows. I used Purebond 3/4 and 1/4 ply with pine S4S lumber. The paint is Olympic zero VOC in a custom tint and General Finishes High-Performance poly in satin.

This is my first set of working inset doors. I bought the inset hinges at Woodcraft since I couldn't find any at Blue or Orange. The doors are made from 1x3s that I mitered and attached with the Kreg jig. I used a router for the first time to rabbet out the back to accept the center plywood.

I am really happy with how it all turned out! You can read more about the build on my blog:

Next up: A Pottery Barn knock-off storage bed!


Those are amazing! We're looking to do something similar in our daughter's room, but about twice as wide. Waiting to get a kreg jig before I attempt it, though.

And I have to ask, what color is that paint on the wall? It's a beautiful light pink, not overwhelming like a lot of pinks (like the pink in our daughter's room!). That color is exactly what I was going for, but failed to achieve.

Again, excellent work.

Thank you for your comment on the built-ins! I'm really happy with the result. The Kreg jig is a wonderful thing--I hope you get your own soon :)

The paint in her room is Freshaire Choice in Pink Reef. I think I bought it at Home Depot, but only some of the HD stores carry it. If you want to look it up, the paint chip has the website and phone number:
www.TheFreshaireChoice.com 1-866-880-0304 (I think! I got paint on the phone number and can't tell for sure that it's a 3 in there)

Good luck with your built-ins!


Their Where to Buy tool doesn't seem to be working right now, but I think I can always get Lowe's the paint match it or something.

And after posting this I noticed that I've almost got enough Amazon gift cards to order a Kreg Jig for free! I foresee some serious building going on next month. :D

Again, awesome job, and thanks for the color!