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 #1662 cscottbsn on Mon, 2011-08-01 23:05 
because it fits my budget :o) 
whew, you just made the deadline! Congrats, I'm with you (and everyone else!) building rocks for so many reasons!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We'll be doing this again quite often. 

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? How thankful I am for each and every person that stops over? Just in case I haven't, wanted to switch it up today and do some Reader Appreciation. And perhaps helps someone who desperately needs a Kreg Jig get one.

So THANK YOU and good luck!  Just answer the question below in a comment by Monday at midnight, and then look for a winner to be announced on Tuesday.
Why do you love to build?

Winner will be drawn at random.  
One entry per person.
Open to US and Canada Only.
Thank you again, and good luck!  


I love to build for the satisfaction that comes from it. I love that I can get the "perfect" piece of furniture for what I need. Building my 2 year old's bed while I was 7 months pregnant was hard, but so rewarding- he loves his big boy bed!

I love to feel that accomplishment at the end and look at my work and think to myself "I built that! I created that to my exact expectations".

I love to build because I can give the piece of furniture my own personal touches and it fits my needs exactly. :D

I love to build not only because it gives me a creative outlet but because I love the idea of producing furniture and belongings that I can pass on to my kids - items that mean something and can remind them and perhaps even great-grandchildren of their heritage when I am gone...

I love to build because it gets done faster than if I were to wait for my husband to have time!

"Why do you love to build?"

I love to build because I sit in an office ALL day long and it is my one and only creative outlet. I also like saving a few bucks in the process!!


My husband and i love to build to save money! And your site has helped so much! No need to spend a grand on a Pottery Barn Office when I have you!!!

I love to build... to get the style of furniture I love at a price i can afford, and I feel so accomplished after I have built it myself, especially at a fraction of the cost. Thank you soooooo much for all your plans!

Because I'm too creative to settle for what's available out there to buy, and building something quality yourself is so much cheaper than settling!

The main reason I love building is the opportunity to learn new things and spend time with my boys. My boys are 5 and 2. Each of them helped me build their big boy beds and it is a great time to spend individual time with them. They also get to learn skills that I see dissappearing in todays society.

I love to make things myself because I try to be thrifty and I love the satisfaction of seeing something I made. :)

What a great opportunity, thanks for the chance to win! A Kreg Jig is the one tool we are missing to build a lot of the furniture on the to-do list!

Because it saves my family money, which allows me to be a good steward of our family finances. And it gives a great sense of accomplishment!

I have not really built anything yet. Just married asked for gift cards so I can buy lumber and such. I got a table saw for Christmas! Just wait to use it. Hubby needs to clean out the garage so everyday I say to you going to clean it!!:0

What a great giveaway! I love that I can spend less, make better quality, and have exactly what works for my space. :)

I love the look on my daughter's face when she sees the finished product! Most of my projects have been for her.

I love to build because it satisfies a deep seeded need in me :)
I come from builders and creators and the lot of us are never satisfied with what is already out there, so we do it ourselves!

I build because I feel like I accomplished something by making something for myself or family. I know its of good quality, where it came from and it didnt cost a lot of money.

Because I smile each and every time I look at one of my creations. I know I built it, it's exactly what I wanted, and I saved a ton of money! Win-win-win!

As a stay at home mom, money is always tight. Building the things we need we our own tow hands helps me contribute to our household. Knowing I can build something that before seemed so out of reach is an extremely powerful feeling. I CAN DO IT. That's right no cheap furniture put together with allen wrenches from a box. I pick my wood, my screws, my glue and I can BUILD something beautiful. I will build it and it will be BEAUTIFUL.

Because I smile each and every time I look at one of my creations. I know I built it, it's exactly what I wanted, and I saved a ton of money! Win-win-win!

I like to build because when I'm done, there is a finished product. As a parent of 4, there's really no END product. Just a continuous work in progress. So building is deeply satisfying in that way!

I love to build for several reasons. First and foremost it is a tribute to my dad, who passed away in 2008. He taught me so much about woodworking, car repair, lawn care, and so much more that now as an adult I can do these things.
Secondly I'm teaching my children that home-made is not only acceptable most times it's better! You can find something that's broken and make it new again instead of making more trash. Right now my son and I are re-doing a chair we found on the side of the road, he's 5, and I love seeing the excitement that he now has for redoing and building!

I love to build for several reasons. First and foremost it is a tribute to my dad, who passed away in 2008. He taught me so much about woodworking, car repair, lawn care, and so much more that now as an adult I can do these things.
Secondly I'm teaching my children that home-made is not only acceptable most times it's better! You can find something that's broken and make it new again instead of making more trash. Right now my son and I are re-doing a chair we found on the side of the road, he's 5, and I love seeing the excitement that he now has for redoing and building!

I love to build for the satisfaction of doing it myself. I love the creativity of being able to have custom furniture that perfectly fits our home.

I love to build for several reasons. I'm cheap, and I get quality solid wood pieces for my home for pennies on the dollar versus the cost to buy the same pre-made. I love to create. I love to see a piece come together and know that *I* built it. It is so awesome, and I am SO thankful for you and your site, Ana!

There's a lot of satisfaction that comes with creating something that is not only functional but beautiful! Projects using wood achieve both and isn't it great to tell someone that you made it? I loooove seeing the look on people's faces! With your help, Ana, I've been able to build furniture that I could only dream of buying!

I love to build because it keeps my stress levels low. I can go in the garage and build something to add to my home or to give someone knowing no one else has made the exact same thing. I have added pieces to our house that I never thought we'd be able to afford. And I love that Ana has provided the plans for us to build!!

I love to build because it allows me to have the furniture my family loves at a price we can afford on our small budget.

I was considering buying one of these today for a desk I need to build next week! I have not done much building yet, only a few small things, but I love knowing that I CAN build something that will be exactly what I want, beautiful and better quality than what I would be able to afford at Ikea or elsewhere! Thank you for all the knowledge & confidence you share & for this giveaway!!

I love to build because I know I am saving money and I am contributing to the local economy. I also love the feeling of knowing I put something together that is useful and that my family loves!

I love to build for the satisfaction of making something by hand for your house that can be made exactly the way you want. I also like saving money!

I love to build, because I know what raw materials have gone in to the planning of my projects! There is a complete and "proud" satisfaction in doing a job, and knowing that you have done it right! Best of luck to all who enter to win! :)

to know that every piece of what I build is there because I put it there! I am an avid cook as well, and knowing my ingredients is the same feeling. I feel good knowing every piece of what goes into what I make.

because it's a way I can prove to myself, and everyone I know that I can do anything I put my mind too! I love to build because I never thought I could afford to have the beautiful high quality furniture I always dreamed about. Because now when I look at my house I see pieces of me and my family that can be passed down and my grandkids can say "my grandma built that with her bare hands!"

I love to build because you can be in a different frame of mind. Also because it sometimes saves money, and you have a sense of accomplishment.

We build to show our love. We build to create things of beauty. We build to create things we couldn't otherwise afford to have.

Thank you for allowing us to build!!!

I love to build because A. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and B. I become more independent as I build. I see something that I would really like to have or think that something would go well with my decor and it's too expensive. If it's too expensive, why not just build it? I have two little boys and getting anything done makes me feel accomplished, so finishing something on a larger scale is huge. I really enjoy your building plans and appreciate that you do your website the way you do. Thank you.

I love to build because I like knowing that I can produce something beautiful without having to spend a lot of money, especially since seeing your plans. Its an awesome feeling to buld something yourself and know that you did every part of it, and its custom to what you want.

I'm 52 and raising my granddaughters. I've always been "handy" but I've never built anything. I have just started to build a workbench, inspired by what I've learned from your site. My next goal is to build a loft bed for my 5yo granddaughter. My ultimate goal is to build them both cedar chests -- in my culture, a grandmother traditionally buys her granddaughters a "hope chest" and I hope to build the ones I give to them myself.

With 3 young kids at home, some days I don't feel like I've accomplished anything at all. When I get a break to create something all by myself it really helps to boost my moral!

The above "because" comment is from me! I didn't log in before posting, woops!!

I love to build because it keeps my stress levels low. I can go in the garage and build something to add to my home or to give someone knowing no one else has made the exact same thing. I have added pieces to our house that I never thought we'd be able to afford. And I love that Ana has provided the plans for us to build!!

Building is the ultimate satisfaction of taking materials and converting them to a useful and beautiful piece - all with your own hands.

I love to build because it is exciting to create something, my 4 boys love to HELP, it's great for my boys to see that you don't have to buy everything and you can do something yourself, it's cheaper and you can decide the size, color, type of wood, etc. It's just better all around.

My husband and I have only tackled very small projects. Would love to build our own bookcases. The ones in the stores are so expensive for something made so cheaply!

The reasons are endless! I love to create anything! The joy and satisfaction knowing I created that piece at the end of the day, bring great joy to my life! I love to create!!!!!!

I love to build ALL of the furniture in my home. I'm tired of cheap fiber-board garbage that doesn't last but a few years and I want furniture that I'll be able to hand down to my children some day.

My husband and I have two boys - ages 2 and 4....They looooove all the new things we build for them. So we both love to build for them. My husband would love to win this. I would like us to start on something for us. We love the Potterybarn look but don't love the price tag.

It is a release from the day to day worries. I can put in my ipod and "go away" for a while and when I return, there is something beautiful that I built!

I have been dreaming of building for quite some time. Reasons personalized, cheaper, I did it myself. Alas, all I have been able to do so far is refinish a fish tank stand. Top 2 projects I would love to build are a bed for hubby and I and bunk beds for my kids who share a room.

because you can get a better quality of item at a cheaper price than at the box stores. Plus it is fun to have a project that our fam can work on together!

I love to build because I can get exactly what I want to fit my needs and usually much cheaper and better quality than what I can buy!

I love to build stuff that i wouldnt be able to afford otherwise and be able to say ''yeah, i made that!''

I love to build things that I couldn't normally afford to purchase from a catalog!! That's why I love your site!

You know it will last forever and you save a ton. I also love looking at what I have built and knowing that I built it gives me great joy. My kids will inherit many nice things :)

I love to build because it's something I can do with my kids. It's a way to show my boys, and my daughter that girls can do anything boys can do. Regardless of how perfect, or imperfect a project turns out the kids take so much pride in what we build together, and I love that I am teaching them a skill that they will be able to use as adults and pass down to their children.

I build because there's something about making things for my family that will last for their families that makes my heart smile! Watching the toddler's eyes light up when we finish a new project is amazing.

I love to build because it creates heirloom quality pieces just like my Grandfather used to make. Those items are invaluable and will continue our legacy of carpentry for generations to come!

I love to build because something custom made for our home and the way we live our lives means so much more than furniture out of a box that we make work because it's all we can find. I also love getting to say we built something whenever someone asks "WHERE did you get THAT?"

because it is a way for me to not only get what I want for my home, but also because I love the feeling I get when I say "I made that."

I love to build, because I'm a mom of 3 boys. I don't know how to really connect with them other than this. We build and we talk and we grown as a family. I've built my dining room table and benches with them and they all know they had part of the family table :) We are looking forward to our next project (bookshelves). Each time we finish a project, my boys can say I had part of helping you doing that. They get to learn how to operate hand tools correctly, and have fun at the same time.

I love to build for a couple reasons:
1. I can get designer look for DIY price
2. I get the satisfaction that comes with doing something myself!

...because then I can look at a piece with PRIDE and say, Yup, I built that. And it's not like anything you can find in any store!

I love to build because it gives me the opportunity to give my family beautiful, well built furniture, without putting a strain on our finances. When my sons are all grown up and have some of these pieces in their own homes, they'll be able to say, "my mom made that". And, in addition to being functional, it's filled with love.

because I can be more picky about the style and look of things, rather than just having to be happy with whatever mass furniture producers came up with.

Because it's satisfying to know that I completed a project from vision to completion. as well, there are so many cheep-o furniture products out there this guarantees a quality product!

I have always loved to build and create. It is what makes me a good software developer and growing to be a good carpenter. I recently built my own work bench from plans from this site and often just look at it, thinking... I made that. Didn't buy it in a store, but drilled every hole, joined every corner, made a ton of mistakes, and yet here it is standing in my garage ready to do its job.

In my world of IT where instant gratification is the norm and fast-paced constantly changing priorities has become the norm, it is very rewarding to me to go slow, take my time, build, and have something I can see and touch as a result of my hard work.

I love to build because I live the sense of accomplishment I get knowing I did it all by myself. As small woman, it feels good to know that I can use power tools and have the knowledge and ability to fix and build things.

I am just a beginner but I watched my father build when I was growing up. It's an enjoyment that brings back wonderful memories that I shared with him.

I love to build because it gives me a satisfying feeling when I have created something useful from a something that, on it's own, is not of use to me. I also love to build because it is what my grandfather did and the memories I have of him as a young child inspire my creativity.

I love knowing that I don't need a man to make a beautiful masterpiece (well, maybe not a masterpiece to everyone except this beginner- learning slowly but surely.) I love the feeling of accomplishment even on the smallest projects!

Two reasons, one being the immense satisfaction that comes from looking at my furniture and knowing I made that, the second is that I get exactly what I want, the shape that I want, in the material that I want. No need to troll the furniture stores looking for "just right".

I love to build because I get to pound on things, I get to use big scary machines, I get dirty, it drowns out whiny kids ;), And at the end of the day, I have something beautiful (hopefully) and useful to show for all of my hard work!!

I like the whole process. Just seeing everything come together. It always makes a nice personal gift.

I didn't think I would love to build...but I wanted a farmhouse table, and my husband didn't have time to build it so I decided I would give it a try--honestly, half expecting to get 1/4 of the way through and leave it sitting in the garage for a year until my husband either gave in and finished it, or we gave up and threw it away.

But that didn't happen! I was surprised by how empowered it made me feel to learn how to use my husband's powertools to cut and drill some plain wood into something beautiful. Half-way through I realized "I'm really doing this!" the whole project took me a week from start to finish, and I love it in my kitchen now! I can't wait to start my next project...but there are so many to choose from!

To save money and to build it "just right" for the space. You are an awesome motivator and inspiration - thank you for sharing your gift!

I discovered building things in my highschool physics class. I loved it! I've been hooked since. I really need this for some upcoming projects. I'd love to win so I don't have to go buy it this week!

I love to build because furniture can be customized to fit the space, my style, and my family's needs. LOVE your website and really really need a Kreg Jig!

I love to build things with my hands because it feels great to create things. The end result is so rewarding.

Why do you love to build?

I love to build for the simple reason of having something that I built with my own two hands. It is calming for me.

Because it's a great way to do a customized project that you create for yourself and your family, AND it's good quality for less!

I can be creative, honor my father who taught me how to use tools, and because it has nothing to do with the usual hustle of the world. It is rewarding to give a piece to a family member that will use it and appreciate the work that went into it.

Because, unlike my job, I feel like I've accomplished something when I finish.

I love to build (and create other things for that matter) to express myself and free my mind. Also, I can make an extremely sturdy piece of furniture that LASTS EXACTLY how I want it, usually for the same price or cheaper than buying a similar, but cheaply made particle board piece of junk. I don't have to settle for something that's not exactly what I want.

I love to build because it's something that my Dad and I can do together. We actually borrowed someone's Kreg Jig for our last project (the pottery barn bench and coat rack look-alikes!) and he kept saying how handy the jig was and that he needed one! I would love to be able to give him one for all the love and support (and amazing furniture!) he's given me over the years! Thanks for all you do Ana!


I love to build because I can make exactly what I want they way I want it, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I am just getting into building actually and it's all because I found your blog! It's so rewarding to be a girl working with power tools. I was just telling my husband last night that I think I want to buy a Kreg Jig more than I want to buy clothes! It seems like all my favorite projects need one!

I have laid awake at night wanting to build something, anything. But I didn't know where to start. I felt overwhelmed by this need and had no outlet for it.

I don't even know why I feel that way except that my father was very handy and I used to sit in the garage for hours and just watch him work.

When I found your website, it was like finding the freedom to explore this NEED I had to build. You provided the plans, the hints, and most importantly, you are the Role Model I needed to finally breakout my inner carpenter.

Thanks, Ana.

I love to build because its satisfying to make something yourself which is sturdy and beautiful, and at a fraction of the cost that you might purchase it pre-assembled for. You are also able to customize it to your specific needs or dimensions!

I love to build for several reasons. I love the satisfaction of building something myself. I love the process of seeing things come together step, by step, piece by piece. I love being able to customize things for my family to suit our needs. Stores don't know EXACTLY what we need...but I do. I know the length of my couch, the size of the little nook I want to fill with the perfect little table, and the size of the wall in front of my daughters desk which now has a perfect display of her pictures (thanks to the easy clip art rails we made). I love that with building, we can afford to have furniture, shelves, and bookcases that we see in the magazines I covet. I am a stay at home Mom, and because of Ana teaching my husband and I, we can have things we've always wanted for our home, because on one income, we can't afford much. I love that building brings my family together when we work on a project. I could go on and on... Thanks, Ana! Keep up the good work.

I love the satisfaction I feel when I am looking at something that I built with my own hands. It's an amazing feeling to be able to say, "i built that!" and I have you to thank Ana. I never would have tried if it wasn't for you.

My husband and I bought our first house this year, and I had so many dreams for what we could do with it but had never done any kind of DIY project before so I thought I would have to hire people to do expensive work or settle for pre-made and cheap. Your site gave me the confidence that making things myself wasn't such a daunting task.

I started with the simple tool box, and from there I've tackled more and more complicated projects, even starting to make my own plans in Sketchup.

I love to build because it feels good to make something from scratch that you can be proud of and show off in your home. I love to build because it empowers you to make things how you want, at a price that you want, and you can have fun while doing it!

I love to build bc it allows my imagination to do the planning and my skills to do the building. Once I finish I stand back and say, "I built that!"

I'm overwhelmed with peace while furniture building. Such joy springs over while working with my mind and hands. Piecing together the puzzle calms and satisfies my mind. The sweet aroma of new cut wood is slightly intoxicating knowing the secret its to become. God has blessed us with the bounty of the tree! The blessing lingers while it doesn't tax the wallet and the family and I use daily our new pieces!

I feel a connection to my heritage. I'm told my great grandpa was a very good carpenter. His son (my grandpa) was too, and my grandpa on the other side was amazing at building things. Also, I'm terribly frugal but I don't have particle board taste!

I love to build because it's a way to create, to make something beautiful or useful out of raw materials.

Oh, how I love to build
To create something that once did not exist
It is the best feeling to know it is there because of these two hands

things for my home and garden because it makes my home feel cozy and special for my family. :)

it is fun to build things and it is cheaper than buying it! Making the farmhouse table right now and love it!

I would love to start building because I think I have the ability to build and I have expensive tastes and your site makes it look like I can have the furniture of my dreams.

I love to build because I spend all day on a computer. I'm a computer science PhD Student so I spend 10~ hours a day on a computer. When I come home, I'm mentally worn out, but still have a lot of physical energy. I like spending time away from the computer doing something with my hands. At the end of the day, building stuff helps me to relax, destress from the day, and spend a little energy to create something wonderful.

I love to build because it's the closest thing to bringing life into the world; bringing something that makes life...more. You take something that really was not, and make it something that is, and that now influences the world around it in some way, hopefully (though not always, ha!) for the better. As I rite this, my computer monitor sits on a stand that my friends look at and laugh because it was one of my first creations as an adult, but that I look at and see something that holds my CDs and keeps my monitor at just the right eye-level, and I love it.

That's why I build.

It give me a sense of pride and satifation to see something I created. I work in an office and there's not much you can do that get admired. Building gives since of satifaction, and with four children saves a bit of money.