Laundry Dresser

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We had a very limited area for these to fit, so my hubby had to change the dimensions to fit these square baskets. We needed enough spots for our family of 10! I LOVE THEM, thanks; Ana!

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Water based paint
Estimated Cost: 
$50 each


We are going to have to turn the baskets the same way due to the space in out laundry room. Do you happen to remember the dimensions of them? Thanks.

Do you have the dimensions for the square baskets? These would work much better in my home.

We did something similar when our family was 8 (6 foster children). We bought 4 baskets (2 people per room) and then just had them on regular shelves. I LOVE the look of these! Unfortunately baskets give out over time and I can't ever seem to find baskets that once again are the same size as previous baskets. Did you order the baskets on-line someplace that you can consistenly get the same size for when the baskets wear out?

I have all the same laundry baskets that I bought at wal mart for like 3 or 4 bucks a piece. I would think that just meausring out the size according to the laundry baskets would work out fine! they have never stopped selling the ones that I buy, i find them at every wal mart I go to

Seriously? $50 for these plans. Get real. Fine woodworking plans don't cost this much. Take some wood, make a box, and put slats in it to fit the baskets. The entire set wouldn't cost $50!

once again can anyone please give the measurements for this square basket design and the basket model number as well. i am very challenged when it comes to building things, but with the idea of home depot doing the cutting i think i could manage if i had the measurements. i need the square size to work for my space though. thanks in advance.

I have tried clicking on the link above the cost to get the Plans...however it brings me back to the ORIGINAL Plan rather than YOUR plan (skinnier and taller)...Im sorry if I am being dense but I would really love to get the dimensions of YOUR plan but am having trouble accessing them?? Help please!!

If you use the large wire baskets made by elfa they would not break like the plastic. The initial investment would be more but would save money over time.

Easy and awesome! My teenage children and I made these over the week-end! Super easy and great looking! Our first project was the laundry pedestal and these are a great compliment. We let Home Depot cut the wood due to time restraints and assembly was a snap! Thanks for the great family projects. My husband passed away in April and these projects have really helped us in the healing process (excellent for constructive bonding time).! Thanks again

Sonya Chapin