Reclaimed Wood Headboard from Pallets

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I've been using a bunch of FREE pallets on some projects here lately and decided to make the Reclaimed Wood Headboard with the pallet wood that I had. Every piece of wood came from pallets and it turned out pretty great.

We're still undecided about if/how we want to stain it....but for now it's all natural'. I made mine a couple inches shorter then the plans called for and an inche or two narrower based on the measurements of our Full Size Bed.

I documented this project as best as I could at:

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Starter Project
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An Hour or Two (0-2 Hours)
Finish Used: 
None yet.....Suggestions?
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Thanks for the comment. We are definitely thinking about that. I also modified another pallet in such a way that we want to hang it on the wall and hang some pictures/things in it.

Other thoughts on a possible stain/finish?

One of my favorite things is to use pallets for lumber! I have finished pallet wood before successfully using Minwax Poly-shades. Love Golden Oak as it doesn't do much but enhance the grain...grab a few samples and try them out on some scrap boards, that's the only way you will know how it will look in the end! Best of luck!