OMG! Nautica Home Collection

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OMG! Nautica Home Collection
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I was just perusing my latest Martha Stewart magazine and saw an ad for a new furniture collection from Nautica. It is amazing! Took some poking around online, but I found it! My favorite piece is the dining buffet server, however there is THE MOST amazing coffee table as well. Sturdy, clean construction. Modern and rustic. Simply amazing. It's called "Northshore."

Here is the link:

coffee table:

There is also a link for a downloadable catalog complete with furniture dimensions:

Somebody build this please!

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Joined: 2011-03-22 02:17
I still love this!

Anybody? Bueller? Who's with me? What a versatile collection, I love the wood, the hardware, the iron strapping/trim. It is just too cool.

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