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Spruce and pine

A few months back a friend of my Sister asked if I would build a bed for her 10 year old daughter. I was excited to do it! So I finished up the projects I had already started and then went to work. I had never built bookshelves before. I wanted it clean and "hole-less" on the outside, so we found a Kreg Jig and I started learning. SUPER easy!! I believe it has been painted white. I can't wait to go see it!!
I followed Ana's plans except I used 2*2s for slats and used 16" wide boards for one of the bookshelves and the desk top. I want them to be able to use this for years to come and not out-grow it too quickly.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Estimated Cost: 


How many 2x2s did you use? I think I am going to do the same to make sure that I do not outgrow the bed. Also did you have to change the size of the little bookshelves when you changed the desk to 16" instead of 12" ? I'm trying to build the whole set on my own (im 14)

I think I used around 20 2x2's, and did use a center beam to add strength. I only changed the one bookshelf to a 16" (the one under the desk). The other one I left as a 12". Good luck building your bed!

Thank you sooo much. I have left questions in the comments sections and you are the only one who has answered. I greatly appreciate it.

Hook fam, Thanks so much for your work and for the pictures. I really like how you left the lower back side of the big book shelf off and still included the desk behind. Love the 16" too and I think I will go with that for the desktop but leave the 12" for the shelves. Thanks again! This is now my next project!!!