Hi from England, UK! UH-mazing site, but totally bewildered by kreg jigs! Can anyone help??

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Hi from England, UK! UH-mazing site, but totally bewildered by kreg jigs! Can anyone help??
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Hello everyone :)
I found this site about a week ago and am utterly in love. I've already made the rustic coffee table, and will hopefully be uploading photos soon! I'm very excited by all the wonderful plans on here, but being a total newbie, I have no idea what kreg jig is or how to use one! The 'carpenter' bit in my name is very much tongue in cheek, getting quite a bit of stick off the OH and his friends atm for my newfound passion for building. The resident 12 yr old was horrified at the idea of me using a saw "You don't ley women have saws!" lol they soon shut up when they saw my brand new lovely coffee table. Thanks to Ana for these brilliant plans. Anyhooo, kreg jigs are mentioned in quite a few plans that i have my eye on, so any information would be useful :) thanks very much x

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Kreg Jig info

Hi CarpenterRose, You'll LOVE the Kreg Jig for drilling pocket holes to join wood together with hidden screws. Here's the Kreg Jig web site - it has videos on how to use it. I bought mine at Lowes, but you can also order online (does Lowes have stores in the UK?)


Ana has a wonderful link on getting started and it includes the Kreg:


I found Ana's site in January and I'm totally addicted. :)

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Kreg Jig

Wolfcraft from Germany make an equivalent to the Kreg's jig, It's called an `Undercover screw jig.
Heres a link to a UK dealer finder for Wolfcraft. http://www.wolfcraft.de/en/haendlersuche/

On a different note, I have just joined this site and having just been throught the entire catalogue of plans and projects, I don't think there is a better site in existence for anyone looking for DIY furniture plans. Every single project that I have read through is doable and functional. As a professional carpenter and builder there may be the odd little thing I would want to change to suit my personal tastes but much as I would like to, there is nothing I could criticise.
A really great site!
In spite of all the years I have been making and building things there is a wealth of ideas here, Thank you Ana for all your work.

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Kreg Jig

not ever being in the UK myself, i take it that it would be something that you would have to order online, and therefore you would probably have to order the screws as well. it sounds as though the under cover screw jig would be the equivalent. the instructions that come with the kreg jig is very self explainitory. as mentioned in the above post they can be purchased at lowes and home depot as well, my local lowes didn't caring the kit in a case that i purchased at home depot. hope some of this helps. rhoni t

love the wooden rose on your profile!!

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