Pottery Barn Inspired bedside table

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This is my latest Ana project inspired by the Pottery Barn Teen Cottage Smart Bedside Table. I used Ana's plan for the Farmhouse Bedside Table as a jumping off point for the plans, but modified it to make it like the Pottery Barn version I was going for. I added a drawer, left off some decorative 1x2s on the sides, and used some decorative legs from Blue. Since I changed it so much, I didn't add it as a Brag Post for the Farmhouse bedside table plan.

These were my first drawers without glides, like in Ana's plan. It's still up in the air as to whether I will do more drawers like this in the future. I love that I avoided spending the money on the glides, but I like the action of the glides when opening and closing the drawers. The drawers also tilt downward the further you pull them out...we'll see how it goes with time I suppose.

I wrote 4 posts about the build on my blog:

I also built the bed:

and the built-in bookshelves:


I made similar drawers on a piece in my girls' bathroom. To keep them from falling out, I added a little tab made of 1/4" thick hobby stock to the inside backs of the drawers. It sticks up a bit and catches the drawers before they fall out, although they still tilt down when pulled out a ways. I also rub the bottoms with wax paper from time to time to help them glide more easily.

Thanks for the idea--I was contemplating doing that also, but I'm hesitant to make the drawers not be removable. I might add that at a later date. I've even got some scrap hobby stock that would be perfect!


I love your stuff and follow you on Pinterest. Everything you do is so polished and professional looking! I'll be spending a lot of time on your site soon when we make our next big build. Beautiful!

Thank you so much Kelli! I recognize you from Pinterest--isn't it addicting? I might get twice as much stuff actually done if I weren't sitting there sifting through all the phenomenal stuff on that site :)

Can't wait to see your next build!