Twin Farmhouse Bed - A Beachy-ish Version

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pine - can't remember what wood we found for 4x4s

I decided to start on the project of converting my daybed to a twin farmhouse bed five days before I had a house full of company - genius! The hardest part was finding the 4x4 posts at the Blue store and deciding what length of screws to use.

It's hard to say how much time I spent on it, as I was finishing up 46 other projects during the same time, but I would guess the build took about ten hours, and the finishing maybe three? This finish really is one of the easiest I've done to date. A quick coat of white/cream semigloss, another quick coat of turquoise semigloss, an hour of light sanding and wa-lah!

I apologize for the poor photo quality - I borrowed a friend's camera lens to get wide-angle shots in my teeny guest room and the lens apparently wasn't made for my camera - whoops!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
I believe the white was Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore and Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. A single light coat of each, then distressed lightly with a sanding block. I didn't use a sealer, but that may change if I decide the raw finish isn't good enough. It seems to be great right now!
Estimated Cost: 


I absolutely LOVE the finish! Once I figure out which of Anna's beds I want to build, I will try to copy your fabulous finishing job. Thanks for sharing.

I love the beachy look. You did an amazing job. I have a day bed that I hate and I'm thinking this is a perfect solution. Thanks fir the inspiration.

I love the finish! I'm making one of Ana's beds for my daughter and may copy your finish technique, but use a pink (her favorite color) instead of blue.

I also noticed that you used the bedframe for the siderails instead of making them. Did you just screw them in to the posts?

Thanks! I just used the hardware that was used to screw the daybed into the original posts to attach it to the farmhouse headboard and footboard. Pretty easy! I plan to fashion a coordinating bedskirt to hide the trundle underneath.

This is beautiful! I have a non-building related question. Wherever did you find the bedding? I love the red and turquoise floral. I've been looking for fabric like that and haven't found anything. Thanks

Amy Hocking

I was curious to know what your mattress is on for the trundle? I will be attempting the same thing, but was going to put the mattress in a wooden box on castors. Yours looks more friendly! Thanks for your time. Excellent job.


Hey Amanda... this is beautiful. I'm hoping to try this type of finish on a bed I am working on now. How does it seem to be holding up without a sealer? You didn't use any primer, correct?? Thanks. Really beautiful work.

<>< Tamara :0)
Philippians 4:6

I love the color so I went to the paint store bought palladian blue) by Benjamin Moore but it sure didn't look your color. It was more of a weathered gray look. Which was nice too but definitely not the same. Are you sure that you used palladian blue?

Absolutely beautiful, and such an inspiration. I think the color is stunning, and the weathered look you created is just perfect. It goes so well with the bedding too. I would love to have the exact same thing in my own house!