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Need ideas for tv etc
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Hi everyone. I just joined this site and so far am loving it! I am in need of ideas for a project. I just bought a new tv for my bedroom and installed it onto a wall mount. I was hoping to not have to have a receiver in my room for the satellite, but it didn't work out that way. So, I had to move my trunk over below the tv and set the receiver on top of it. I hate the way it looks! Is there anything out there that is made for holding receivers, dvd players, etc that is streamlined, not bulky and would blend well???

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To build or Buy pre-made?

If you Google "satellite box holder" there are tons of simple box holders that attach to your tv underneath you can buy. Otherwise you can get creative with old pallets and make a custom stand and mount it to the wall or set it on the floor.

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Hi every one, I just

Hi every one, I just transferred to new unit but it seems its too small for things I am planning to build a cabinet and I would like to ask suggestion from here on what style of cabinet suited for unit. I need your help. - Michael Courouleau

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have you considered a wall-mount shelf?

Have you considered just making a wall-mounted shelf that goes under the TV? or is the receiver too large for that?

You could try to make shelves that match the style of furniture in your room. Without any photographs of the space I don't really know what you like in terms of appearance.