Any idea how to make the X table (EA) legs?

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Any idea how to make the X table (EA) legs?
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I came across some old barn oak for near nothing this summer and wanted to make something like the X table since EA made it out of soft pine. The only problem is that I have no idea how to successfully notch out the legs to make the X. I also would like suggestions on how to attach the bottom of the X legs. The legs are made from 2x4's and the beam that stretches from mid x leg to mid x leg looks to be either a 4x4 or a 3x3.

Here is a picture

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Cutting the notch

The notch is known as a dado. You make a very precise cut at each side, to the final depth (or slightly less). You can make additional relief cuts between those two edges. You then use a chisel to clear out the wood in between.

I use a tool called a router plane to do the cleanout. You can buy a new one here:,41182,48945 Mine is an old Stanley that I picked up second-hand, using the new cutters sold on that page.

If you're using oak, you'll need to spend a little to get some better chisels, and you'll need to learn how to sharpen them, because oak is pretty good at dulling tools. The good news is that the same website that sells those router planes sells nice and inexpensive chisels. Even their cheapest chisels there will be worlds better than you can buy in a home improvement store. I have a set of the Narex chisels and couldn't be happier.

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Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the info!