Farmhouse Bed with Box Spring question

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Farmhouse Bed with Box Spring question
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I'm getting ready to make the Kingsize Farmhouse bed soon and I have a few questions. I'm wanting to use the box springs. However since there are two twin size box-springs for my bed is it best to use slats on the cleats to support them? Is there a better way to support them? I was thinking of using 1 x 3's spaced 1 - 1.5" apart. Any reccomendations? (Also, is it necessary to attach the slats to the cleats? It seems like it would make it a lot harder when it's time to move the bed. I was thinking of maybe just attaching the head-most slat with screws to make sure the slats don't slide off the head-end)

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Slats recommended

I strongly recommend installing slats, 1x4 or larger. 1x6 is probably the best idea. Also make sure there's a support rail under the center (can't remember if the design has that).

I've had some experience with the narrower pine slats, and over time they break. It can really break the mood when that happens, and if your friends hear about it they'll never let you live it down.

Also spend money for #2 or better lumber, rather than the stuff from the home center. The knots in #2 are small, tight, and don't span the width of the board. Knots are weak points and will be the point where the failure happens.

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Not many slats

I actually made a storage bed for a queen bed back in April, but since we were using the box spring, I didn't bother putting any slats in. I just thought of it like when you buy one of those cheap metal bed frames. They don't have many slats, usually just 2 or 3 to keep the mattress from sliding down between the side rails. The beds been used daily for over six months with no issues.

Since your bed is a king, I'd probaly throw down 3 or 4 2x4, but I wouldn't do more than that unless you just want to spend the extra money/work.

I would definitely attach a couple of pieces of wood perpendicular to the matter going to the floor for extra support. Again, cheap bed frames do this for a reason (to support the weight in the middle of the bed), so I would copy them.