Stained Hailey Storage Bed x 2 (kinda)

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Pine, Fir, 1/2" ply

I think that the names of beds shouldn't be gender decided!! Just sayin' :-p

My sister wanted a Hailey storage bed for her son, but she really questioned if it would be too girly. Since I have girls, I hadn't really thought about it... but after looking at it for a few (VERY open mindedly, since all of the ones that have been built have been painted white, and made for girls), I decided that it wasn't a girly bed at all. Then I worked on convincing HER of that. I don't think she was convinced until she saw the pieces built...

My step-dad (a VERY skilled carpenter) and I put together the storage bed with a few modifications. We used 1/2" ply instead of 3/4" (the price difference in Vegas was insane for the same grade ply). We also bought an additional sheet of ply for the head and foot boards, since my sister wanted it stained. After the first bed was finished, she asked us to do an identical head and foot board for another bed, but to put side rails instead of the cubbies. This turned out perfectly, since the additional sheet of ply had enough scraps for another full head/footboard AND to make up for the dividers that weren't accounted for in the plan.

We also bought an additional 1x2 to trim out the middle dividers, which was my own preference. I think it looks stupid without it. Not sure if my sister would have cared... AND... the last mod we made was to use 1/8" ply for the backs. It was super cost-effective, and does the job just as well as 1/4".

All in all, this was a wonderful experience for me. It felt REALLY great to be able to do this with my step-dad... intimidating as it was... And there were points where all 3 of us were outside working (my sister, step-dad and myself) while all the kids played in the driveway with us. I can't tell you how awesome that felt :-)

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Minwax Gel Stain (It was either Aged Oak or Red Elm - I remember we debated those two, but can't remember which we decided on!). Top-coated with Minwax wipe-on poly.
Estimated Cost: 
$110-$130 for both beds


We are planning to build a version of this bed for our son's room. I was so glad to find your brag and have a boy version to show him. He was not too excited after looking at the pink, purple and white rooms. Your modifications look great! I love the even spacing on the cubbies. You all did a terrific job!

I wanted to post these (even though they're crummy cell phone pics) because I wanted other's to see that it looks GREAT stained and would totally work for boys! Which... explains my first sentence in this post :-p I'm SO GLAD this helped you convince your son :-) :-) :-)