Want to create room divider using curtains/Need Help

I need to some how hang curtains to these 2 walls that are tall and don't quite meet straight,they are at an angle. I want to seperate small room from rest of apt.Any ideas or help will truly be appreciated!!!

Need help dividing room


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I had curtain dividers in my room for a faux four corner bed. It was done with PVC pipes (and pipe holders, can't remember their official name)and we sewed our own curtains or you can buy curtains and sew on a different decorative piece on the bottom to make up the height difference... also the PVC is easily paint-able to match ceiling color!
Hope that helps with some ideas!

I would hang the curtains from the ceiling... I believe you can get these at West Elm, PB, Horchow, Frontgate, etc... The idea is to have the top of the curtains close to the ceiling so that you cannot see the rod... Then if you'd like you can place curtain corbels on each side of the panels along with finials to make it look like it's one continuous rod.. I hope it works for you...another way using the same idea but instead of a rod you can use tension cord for curtains.. I think Ikea sells them...but think the weight of the fabric might limit your choices.. Good luck.. Keep us posted..

We have Pottery Barn send us their catalogs even though we dont have on for a few couple hundred miles, anyway, they did something like that in one of their catalogs. They used cables. I looked on the website and I found them and their pricing. It even has pictures. They used them for more then just hanging curtains.
Heres the link. Good luck! (:


I would hang it from the cieling like the above post mentions, either with cables like in the link, or with stuff you get from the hardware store (eye bolts and chain?). Hang the rod so that it's level with the floor, leaving the gap above it and the curtains hanging straight. You get the divider you want, but also the gap to the ceiling allows light to travel between the 2 spaces. (not to mention a slanted curtain rod may allow the curtains to fall open themselves depending on the grade of the angle and materials the rod and grommets are made of)

good luck! Can't wait to see pics!

I'm sorry, I completely misunderstood and thought you were talking about the vaulted ceilings. I would still go with the hanging from the ceiling idea. That way you can hang it from corner to corner (or whereever you want) and you won't have to worry about how to mount a rod between the 2 walls.

Good luck!

Ikea makes a track system called kvartal it can be hung from the ceiling and would make it easy to open and close the curtain if need be. They also make corners so that the track to wrap around a space too if you wanted. hope this is helpful.

We hung a curtain (16 feet) to separate off part of our large master bedrrom into an infant sleeping area. We use a 'I' beam and little rollers designed specifically for hanging curtains. The 'I' beam is only about 3/4" tall and gets mounted with clips that you screw into the ceiling joists. The rollers just get pinned (they have a sharp end that goes right into the fabric) and then rolled onto the rod. Works great. I will try to take photos and provide a link to them on imageshack tonight.


My wife and I were looking for an inexpensive, yet sturdy way to hang curtains in our bedroom that has a 10 foot window. We did so by screwing the Eye bolts into the studs on either side of the window and measuring the distance between the two. Add about a foot to that and cut your cable, then attach one side to the closed end of a turnbuckle with a wire rope clip. Hook both of the turnbuckles to the eye bolts and string the other side through the loose turnbuckle. Use your other wire rope clip to secure other end of the cable with some tension. Tighten your turnbuckles to your desired tension and Viola! An inexpensive and very functional curtain rod... type...thing...

**useful tips**

The longer the Eye bolt the better. With all that tension the eye bolt could get pulled out if not long enough.

This would probably look a little wierd with grommeted curtains.

We did two windows and our closet for 60 bucks.

I have 13 foot windows that spread all the way across my kitchen and living room... and I am out of work, finding affordable anything was really difficult.
I did exactly what he did, but using a slightly different method i found online for a lot cheaper..
Sheets are the best way to make cheap curtains, you can find twin or full size FLAT sheets (perfect size for ceiling-floor)for $5 at WALMART