Dress Up Tower for my four year old Granddaughter

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I'm a furniture builder now! This is actually the fourth project built from Ana's plans, but the first one complete and gifted. I bought my materials in the morning, and had it together by late afternoon. Now choosing colors, trim and do-dads to embellish was a whole nuther thing. I opted for chalk paint with a wax finish, and distressed her. She has mirrors on both sides as well as two, double hooks for hats, belts and jewelry.

My grand daughter is one pleased princess. Me too! I'm proud of myself.

Thanks Ana for the terrific instructions, encouragement and education you provide.

plywood and pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
After a wood putty and a light sanding, I mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paints to get the beautiful blue. It's one part Duck Egg Blue to one part Old White. No primer is needed with this brand, but I did apply two coats of paint. When dry, I used one coat of Old White to the outward facing walls, leaving the inside and top blue. A light sanding at corners and where natural wear might occur took off enough white so blue could show thru. I applied 2 coats of Annie's Soft Clear Wax to seal and waterproof the finish. I'm pleased with the finish.
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Great Project! I really loved the heart embellishment on the inside of the top...it makes it even more interesting to look at from many angles.

Question: does the waxed chalk paint finish feel that it may wear away with use? I am considering this finish but have never felt it in person.

I love the hearts too! Found them in a clearance bin at a local hobby supply store for .29 cents each. The price thrilled miserly me.

Regarding the wax, it feels very smooth and satiny. I'm new to the chalk paint and wax technique, myself, but I did research before using it. From what I gather, wax, in general, will eventually wear away and have to be redone. When the piece looses it's luster a soft rag should buff the sheen back. When you can't buff up a sheen, then it's time to rewax. It should last years. Ask me again in 5 years. :-)

Oh, I should add, the close up of the curly embellishment was taken before I waxed.

I came across a lot of conflicting info regarding the soft wax. Nothing bad, just different techniques, and it seemed the more I read, the more questions I had. Finally just dove in and found my way. I like, like the method!

Did I answer your question? And then some!

She's a foo-foo girl, so yes, she was excited. Even more so when she was able to stand in front of her own full length mirror and see how stunning she was in the princess outfit her Aunt gave her. So cute!

You did a beautiful job, and I love the finish! I built the same piece, but only gave it an antique white painted finish. I may have to try some of your techniques on my next build.

Where did you find mirrors to fit? I can't find them short enough...

I'd planned to use mirror tiles, but while at the Lowe's buying trim and mastif, I came across 2 to a pack beveled mirrors for $19. They were the perfect size! Now that's luck.