Picture Frame Wall Mounted Drop-down Folding Table

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Picture Frame Wall Mounted Drop-down Folding Table
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I have a small office where I'd like to have a drop-down table for crafting on occasion. All the ones I've seen so far are pretty unattractive in their "up" position. Until I found the following:


The original designer sells it for more than 1500 euros, but it seems like it wouldn't be too complicated to make.


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I second this...must do project

I am a psychologist and need to build a table like this to fit in my office. This would safe me a lot of space but still allow me to have a table to work with kids at.

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I also have been looking for a plan for a table like this, but much smaller as I want to use it in my girls' room so they can have additional space to play but the convenience of a table when necessary.