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Plywood, Pine

My daughter has three cats and needed a cat condo - she found one online that she liked, but it cost almost $500.00, which she couldn't afford. She emailed me the photo and asked if I could build it for her - moms can never say no...

I used 2X2's for the uprights and encased them in PVC pipe - then each was wrapped in jute twine (I used about 1000 feet). I only carpeted the flooring areas, so I was able to buy two 5X8 rugs on sale and cut them up. Dowels hold the hammock in place. The greenery came from the Dollar Store.

I spent just under $125.00; much cheaper than the online version.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Paint, Polyurethene


I plan on doing something like this eventually. I have 5 house cats that need something just like this. Thanks for posting!

Our cat needs a new scratching post, hers are shot. I bet she would like something like this, maybe smaller since she's the only cat. But I particularly like the PVC idea! We made one before and just had a big post wrapped in jute, but somehow the square post didn't wrap as evenly as the circles!

Great job!

We have a super spunky cat that loves to climb. I think he would love this! I've been looking for a good cat condo/tree design for him. I'd probably line it up with some shelves on the walls that he would also be able to jump and run around on. The only change I would make is the PVC pipe. I would try another type, such as HDPE or something. PVC is one of the most toxic forms of plastic to manufacture and it leaches dioxins.

Hey thank you for posting this. I need to build something like this for our three cats that live and travel the country with us in our RV. I bought one from PetSmart but it just is not good enough. WONDERFUL!!

Is there a plan available on how to build this? Is it available for use? I can't seem to find one anywhere on the site and I'd really love to build this or something similar!!
Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry, I have been recovering from a long illness and just read your post...there are no plans; I was just working from a picture that I found on the internet. I'm really not good at drawing plans and always just build as I go.

We've been looking online for a great cat condo for our 3 babies. This is the best I've seen. We'll have to think carefully about the materials we use because in addition to the PVC issue that Kristen brought up, we will have to use natural fabrics to cover the platforms. Carpet is made with glues and fibres that are toxic especially when a kitty likes to scratch and chew. I know 3 little critters who will be in seventh heaven when they are allowed to move in to their new condo. :D Thank you for this model!

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