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Private Messages?
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Is there a way to send a private message to a fellow member? I posted a project that I built and have had a number of people ask for a copy of the plans. Some people actually include their addresses in the request (great!) and some do not. Is there a way I can find them by their user name and send the plans on to them? I can see why some people may not want to post their email addresses in the comments section of a plan. I know I don't.

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I just sent you one

I explained in the private message I just sent, but I'll post here too so others can see. You click on the person's name and that will take you to their profile page. From there, you go to the tab Contact and you can send the message right there.
I also just noticed there is a link that says EMAIL under the profile picture on the forum messages...

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There are so many ways of

There are so many ways of sending message to that person, you may ask his number so you can communicate privately. - Casa Sandoval

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just ask them personally. a

just ask them personally.

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