Triple Loft Ideas

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Triple Loft Ideas
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Hi all
I am new to this forum! We are a Coast Guard family with four small children (3 girls and one boy ages 5.5yrs down to 9 months).

We are planning on moving back to New England into our three bedroom 1800 square foot home.

We'd love to have our three girls (5.5, 4 and 2) all in the same bedroom and our boy, infant, in his own room.

I've seen this photo for a triple loft, and think it would suit our "ocean theme" home perfectly, as well as solve a lot of space issues!

Does anyone have any plans that are similar to this type of plan? My husband is pretty handy and would love to do something along this line -

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!!!


Anonymous Coward
Let's call them Bunk A (top

Let's call them Bunk A (top one), B (bottom one), and C (middle one, at right angles to A and B).

It looks like all that white wood is part of the bed/storage unit. It's a box that encloses and supports the various bunks. If you made it all to bolt together, it would be movable.

Analyse the boxes: On the left is a 2-bunk bed, with A off-set from B by the width of C's mattress, and supported by a short closet (could be drawers, hanging space, or combo) on one end and the boards surrounding B at the other.

Then, a short distance below A, the dresser drawer unit supports the head end of C, and the closet supports one side of C's foot. The other side of C's foot can be supported by bolting it to the closet unit that supports A on one side and to the footboard of B on the other.

Test it out by stacking three shoeboxes and some cardboard scraps.