West Elm's new EMMERSON dining table

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West Elm's new EMMERSON dining table
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So in love with the new Emmerson table on sale at West Elm!!!
I am desperate for the building plans because I love their modern twist on a rustic farmhouse table. My husband and I would really love to build it instead of spending over $1,000 on a dining table.


Any updates on this? I'm

Any updates on this? I'm eager to build this table as well

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I'd love these plans too!!

Hi Ana,

Thank you for all you provide here at your site! Incredible! I would really love the plans for the West Elm Emmerson table as well. I've searched the web to no avail. Do you make plans by request? Or payment? Im not sure how all this works. :)

Again, your site is mind blowing. Thank you for all you do to empower so many people!

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...and a response either here

...and a response either here or bebedulcemobiles (at) gmail (dot) com both works! Thanks so much!

- Amj