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Pine, Plywood

Love the Modern Craft Table! It has lots of storage space and tons of workspace on top. We used pine for the shelves and plywood for the top and edged the top with pine.

There is a spot for two counter stools at the opposite ends of the table which is perfect to give kids their own spot to craft/color.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Primed and Painted with Two coats of Behr's Woodwind Springs. Top has two coats of polycrylic.
Estimated Cost: 


I don't use this table to sew on. My craft room also has a sewing table that we built using the narrow farmhouse table plans. I use this to craft on and to cut fabric out.


the whole room is beautifull. how many of the other pieces of furniture were built using Anna's plans?

the whole room is beautifull. how many of the other pieces of furniture were built using Anna's plans?

This table is fabulous and I'm really in love with the color! Thank you for sharing. So many new ideas for my room now!

Marion B.

This table is fabulous and I'm really in love with the color! Thank you for sharing. So many new ideas for my room now!

Marion B.

You won't believe this...but today I was shopping for the wood to make the Modular Craft Table, but I did not buy the wood because I was trying to tweek the plans to change the "cubbies" and size. So, I came back to this sight and here is this craft table that would be much better. I want to make it table height rather than counter height so I can sit down and sew at it. I also want to be able to drop the back 12 inches of the table if I do not need it and so it will fit better in my room, wheels on the bottom to pull it out easily so I can extend the 12 inch table when needed. I love what you have done!

You did a fantastic job on this project! Love the way it looks and the color!

Great job!

I love this table, but I can't seem to find the directions to make it. Can you point me in the right direction to find it?

Is there a reason you can't sew on this (from what I gathered from a previous comment)? I want to build something for my wife's craft room and love this, but she will need to sew as well. Help?


It would be hard to sew at this table because the table is counter height. You wouldn't be able to reach the foot peddle to run your sewing machine. You could alter the plans to fit a spot that could hold the peddle foot. I sew on a different table in my craft room and use this for cutting fabric and general crafts.


at one time I had my sewing machine in a spot that was counter height. I used a wood box to put the foot peddle on. One of anna's steep stool plans or the bathroom platform for kids plan might be good to build with this. It was also nice when I was sewing small pieces that needed lots of ironing to stand and sew at the counter.

I have a modern sewing machine (within last 5 years) and I routinely sew at counter height with no problem. I prefer it because it really helps my back. I cannot wait to make this!

I think it would work to mount the foot pedal on the inside of the shelf area. She would use her lower outer thigh to depress the pedal while seated.

I love this table! I'm with Brook and don't sew on mine. Height issue is easily worked around - main issue is usually back support. Sewing at a huge workstation tends to leave you feeling unsupported and sitting on a stool (I have a nice wide comfy one from Target) leaves your back unsupported so you usually slouch (bad! bad!). I sew at my smaller desk in a good supporting chair and use my table for everything else. I use this table for a true work area including cutting. I have an Accuquilt Studio and that sucker is HUGE and heavy!

I just talked my fiance' into building this for me to use as a desk. I need a desk for my work from home position where I can store everything as well as have a large area to spread things out. I loved this the moment I saw it and talked him into building it for me. Can't wait to post the pictures when it is finished.

I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the chair from? It looks like it pairs very well with this table and I would love to get one for my wife for her table I just finished.

My husband made this FABULOUS Craft Table for me last weekend, it turned out PERFECT! Thank you so much for posting this with such detailed directions....

What do you have in your galvanized pails? What do the labels say?

Thank you!