Pressure Treated Vs. Painted untreated wood

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Pressure Treated Vs. Painted untreated wood
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I want build the pergola but I want to do it in white. From my own experience I know you really can't paint pressure treated wood and have it look good, at least within the first year, plus I really don't like the look of pressure treated wood. If I paint untreated wood with white exterior grade latex paint and keep it off of the ground; With regular maintenance and repainting how long do you think the wood might hold up?

Thank you in advance!

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Veronica Gentry84
My grandparents did this with

My grandparents did this with their deck in the late 70s, every year they inspect for paint that has chipped and maintain it. The deck still stands today with the same wood from the late yeah, if you actually keep up with the maintenance, it can last a very long time.

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It is indeed a big task, so I

It is indeed a big task, so I will tell you to hire any expert and take there help rather then doing it yourself.