Wall mounted table

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Wall mounted table
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Hello all,

I need to help. I have a small Balcony W41" x L117.5". My husband and I would like a table for 4 to sit at but I want to be able to use the balcony for more then just a table. So, I thought about a wall mounted table.
Here in Ecuador everything is made of concrete, so it may be difficult to hand the table but I am not sure. I am thinking of a L60" x D18", This way I can sit 2 people in the middle and one on each end.
I have found many pictures online that I can work with but I am not really sure how to mount it. Here is a link to the type of bracket I am thinking about http://www.laxseries.com/dine_and_entertain/wall_mounted_table.html
What do you think?

Thanks, Susan