How to Make Angles in Google Sketchup

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Ever wonder how to design plans with angles?


Like the Truss End table plans?

Well, it's easier than you might think.

Follow along and I will show you one of my top secret tricks to creating angles in plans with Google Sketchup.

First, you will need to open Google Sketchup and create a board.  For those of you saying, huh??? I wrote up a quick tutorial here to show you how to get started designing your own plans.


Once you have a board drawn, use the TAPE tool (looks like a tape measure) to draw a guide line from the board over, at a 90 degree angle.  Start at the far corner and draw the guide line across the bottom edge of the board and over a bit.  This is just to guide you.

Now with the board selected, select the rotate tool and click on the bottom corner of the board as shown above.  Click upward on the edge of the board, following the vertical edge - it's noted by a tiny purple dot and the text ON EDGE OF COMPONENT above.

And then just rotate your board.  I actually just typed in 45 to rotate the board 45 degrees.

The board is rotated, and you can see how the guide is still square.  That's going to help us out tons in getting rid of the extra board below the dotted line.

Double click the board to edit it.  Then carefully select just the single line corner that needs to be moved out of the way.  Select the move tool and click on the selected line end point.

Now carefully, following the axis (see the blue dotted line?  That means we are staying on the same axis), move the corner down.

Until you meet up with the dotted guide line.

Unselect the board, delete the guide line, and voila!  You have an angled board!

No doubt, this technique will take a few practices tries, but before you know it you will be making angles with ease and efficiency!


Anna, you must be a psychic! I have been thinking about writing you asking to show the corners for a while. I even thought: "Well, she must have some free time now since it is 20 degrees outside and won't be mad with my question"
And here you are, like a best friend who knows what you need before you ask her! Thank you!

Hey Anna,

Great tutorial. I'm a big fan of Sketchup too, and I like seeing how you use it to create plans for all your projects. I just recently created a tutorial on how to create angle cuts in Sketchup and thought I would share it here.

I cover the same thing you do here, but also go into how to make angle cuts on curved profiles such as door and window casings. You have to do a few things differently, and I explore a few different options in a 3 part video tutorial.

thanks for the concise explanation and clear step-by-step pictures.