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Monthly Expense
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How much would you estimate that you spend on materials to build random projects each month? I know the more projects I tackle the more leftovers I'll have so it will be a different number, but on average is what I'm looking for.

Thanks so much!

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Average is probably $100, but back in November I dropped $1000, buying a big pile of maple for some shelves that I'm -still- building. Protip: don't offer to build a library full of shelves when you have a full-time-plus day job. No matter how good the money looks.

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I probably spend about $200

I probably spend about $200 on lumber. I do use my scraps and was able to build a shelf tower for my mom's Mother's Day gift from leftovers. Before I start a new project, I always check the scrap pile before I go to the store...

And claydowling, I know what you mean about building stuff when you have a full-time-plus day job! I thought it would be a great idea to gut and remodel my kitchen myself (I built the cabinets, too!) while I was still in school, working, and raising two kids. Seven months later, I was finally finished! It was all worth it, though!

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