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Play Kitchen Hinge
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I am working on a play kitchen for my son's 2nd Birthday. I cut the pieces today and I am not sure the best hinges to use on the fridge and oven doors. I am also adding a microwave. I bought a concealed hinge, but it is self closing and I am worried about pinching fingers. It seems like it is really going to slam the doors shut which isn't a great idea for this age. I have my boards cut so now I am not sure what to do. I assume using another type of hinge will through it all off a bit and my doors won't shut. Any suggestions?

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Check out the pics of the play kitchen I just posted. We did use self closing hinges (but not the completely concealed) they do not slam closed when the doors are attached. Although it does seem like that would when you play with the hinge!

The two problems we have found was the stove door goes all the way to the floor and was getting dropped. I fixed that with some ribbon, grommets, and carpenter tacks. We also magnetic primed the front of the fridge and it seems like it has made it a tad bit front heavy when both doors are open (which of course they get opened!) so we will need to figure out how to weight the back.

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Joined: 2012-04-29 20:15
Thanks so much for the reply!

Thanks so much for the reply! I love your kitchen and now I need lights! I was hoping the doors wouldn't close quite as bad as it would seem from playing with the hinges. I haven't put them on yet since my door won't fit. :) Thanks for the tips on the stove door.

Play Kitchen Hinge | Ana White

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I imagine your son loves his

I imagine your son loves his new play kitchen, I think it's a wonderful way to get him used to cooking at an early age, it will be easier to teach him how to make his own meals later when he'll be old enough. A healthy lifestyle is born in the family, having family dinners and cooking your own dinner is a must if you care about your health.

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